Is Phil becoming a young husband soon?

April 29, 2013
Mandarin Oriental
Is Phil becoming a young husband soon?

First, I would like to extend my apologies to Phil if you happen interpret this that I’m making a joke out of your name.
I meant no offense really.
No pun intended.
I popped the question the moment Sportsmaryosep got this rare chance to talk to Phil in person in avrecent press conference done by Dole Philippines where Phil was made as one of the ambassadors of its newest campaign titled “This Is My Dole” at the Mandarin Oriental.
You see, Phil was quoted in the newspapers saying that her actress/girlfriend Angel Locsin is “The One.” Not Jet Li. Nor the other one Metallica was singing in the 90s when most you guys were still in your mother’s womb. But the one, which means, the person that he’ll grow up someday. Perhaps get married to.
To cut the chase, our brief conversation went a little something like this.
Sportsmaryosep: Hi Phil. I’m a sportswriter. Can I interview you for a sec?
Phil: Sure.
S: How many products are you endorsing aside from Dole?
P: Samsung, Close up, Clear, Hush Puppies, Gatorade, Adidas and so many others that I couldn’t remember.
S: Let’s talk about the Azkals. What are your plans?
P: We’re playing Hong Kong this June in a friendly and we’re going to attend some camps in the US this August. But the biggest one we’re preparing is the Asian Cup in Maldives.
S: How about the Loyola Meralco Sparks?
P: We’re doing good in the UFL right now and hopefully we’ll get better match after match.
S: Is it okay if ask a question about you and Angel?
P: Sure.
S: Let’s cut to the chase, are you two getting married?
P: I’ve said that she’s the one and in my heart and soul I’m sure of it. But as to us getting married, it’s not in the near future. If it comes, we’ll get there.
S: Thank you Phil.
P: You’re welcome. Hey, are you sure you’re not an entertainment writer?
S: I may have soon. But you’re probably referring to James Ty.
So that’s just about it.
At least I’ve given hope to those still dreaming of becoming Phil’s “The One.”

Sportsmaryosep postscript: Those of you waiting for this blogger to write something about the NBA, it may come anytime now. Just hang in there…Because I attened the Dole Phl presscon, we were asked to endorse their Twitter account. And here it is: @ThisIsMyDole.

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Swerte ko Bai!

April 28, 2013
Dumaguete City
Swerte ko bai!

I’m the luckiest person in the world.
I go to places. Discover beautiful, breathtaking sites. Meet new people, friends. Partake some native delicacies famous to the places I go. On this case, its the sansrival of this coastal city deep down Negros Oriental.
And all this I experience because I’m a sportswriter.
The best job in the world.
For 17 years I’ve been doing this. I get to rub elbows and trade jokes with Yeng Guiao and Alfrancis Chua with some invectives-throwing on the side, shoot hoops with a Mark Barroca, a Dylan Ababou, a Marcio Lassiter and if I get lucky, Chris Tiu.
I also get free ringside tickets to basketball games like the PBA ala Jack Nicholson at the Staples Center for the Lakers. I get to talk in person to the likes of UFC demigods Georges St.-Pierre and BJ Penn and Chuck Liddell. Talked and came a whisper away from guess who? Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul and James Harden when they played a couple of games in Manila a couple of years back.
That is because I’m a sportswriter.
Yes, its tiring and exahusting some times and mentally draining at most.
Like this one exactly a week ago when I had to travel the whole day for more than 15 hours starting from Boracay where I covered the Nestea Beach Volleyball event to Caticlan (45 minutes by tricycle and boat) to Iloilo (six hours by an ultra-cramped van) to Bacolod (two hours via fast craft), and finally, Dumaguete (six hours by air-condition-less bus) where the Palarong Pambansa, a weeklong multi-sports meet for elementary and high school students, awaits me.
Yes, we get to miss some special family occassions like birthdays, anniversaries, mothers and fathers days, simple gatherings. On this occassion, I was miles, mountains and seas away when our family got together to remember the death anniversary of my little brother, Jerson. God, I miss Iton!
But hey, I’m not complaining.
Because the best part of it is when I start to pack my things, go the airport and fly back home and straight into the sweet, soft loving arms of my beautiful, pregnant wife @tellytabachoy.
Truly, I’m the luckiest person in the world.

Sportsmaryosep postscript: Will get to write things about sports soon. Please watch out for it. Guess what I’ll write next? The NBA playoffs!…Happy four months to my brave, gallant wifey, who stayed strong when papsi was away.
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