Philsports Arena
May 29, 2013
My ONE (FC) and ONLY

ONE Fighting Championship.
ONE FC for short. It’s a Singapore-based group that is now THE most PRESTIGIOUS and THE most POPULAR mixed martial arts organization in the East. That’s our part of town. So popular is ONE FC that it can now be spoken in the same breath as the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Yes, the UFC. The No. 1 fight organization in the West. And to think that ONE FC is just on an infant stage having been formed three years ago.



Yes, we all love the UFC. They’re the star of the show, really. They’re the MMA yardstick. Name it. Anderson “The Spider” Silva. Jon “Bones” Jones. Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell. Matt Hughes. Georges “Rush” St.-Pierre. Randy Cutoure. BJ Penn. Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva. And even our very own Mark “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” Munoz and Brandon “The Truth” Vera. Unless you hate seeing blood and a wooz, we all love the adrenaline-spiked fight world!




That’s why I love ONE FC too. And for many reasons. And here’s 10 reasons why? David Letterman be proud.

10. Jens “Lil’ Evil” Pulver
One of my early MMA education included Pulver, the inaugural UFC lightweight champion. How can I forget his victory over BJ Penn about more than a decade ago? That win was one of Penn’s two losses at lightweight. He is 38 years old now and still fighting at ONE FC. I got a rare chance of chatting with him and getting him to agree to have a picture of me. And that’s enough for me.

9. Chrisine Hallauer
Unlike Pulver, I don’t have a photo with Christine. Not because my wife will kill me. It’s just that the line is too long. You see, you have to queue before you can get her to sign an autograph or a have photo op with her. This bomb shell tends to that to hot-blooded males. Did I tell you she’s a Filipino-Swiss born in Australia?

8. Andrei Arlovski
He’s a heavyweight. You also see him in movies. I’m not particularly a big fan of Arlovski but man, he’s a legend. So having seen him in person and fight this next guy on the list when ONE FC first visited Manila last year at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum, it was a treat and ONE (FC) hell of an experience.
7. Tim “The Maine-iac” Sylvia.
To tell you honestly, I hate Sylvia just for this one reason: He once defeated Brandon Vera. That’s all. But when I get to see the guy, I suddenly turned into a fan. You should see this guy. Scary. Mammoth. Huge. He’s probably bigger than Andre The Giant. When you get to talk to him though, he’s not that bad. For those who missed him the last time he came, you’re all lucky. Because he’s BACK doing a reprise.
6. Loren Mack
Loren Mack heads the media and marketing group of ONE FC. But long before ONE FC was born, I already knew Loren. We met in London when myself, as a writer of The Philippine STAR, was assigned to cover the fight between Brandon Vera and Fabricio Werdum of Brazil at the O2 Stadium. I was with The Inquirer’s June Navarro, Tempo sports editor Rey Bancod and ABS-CBN’s Diane Castillejo. Yes, Vera lost that fight but at least I had forged a friendship with this cool guy.

5. Phil Baroni
The New York Badass. If I decided to challenge a mafia into a royal rumble, I will get this guy on my side. He’s got this spectacular punching power that we he catches you open, it will be lights out for you. He showed that when he fought in Manila in ONE FC. If you also missed him, he’s also back for an encore. And it shouldn’t be missed!

photo (3)
4. Team Lakay
Man, I love Team Lakay to the core. They’re one of the best local fight groups in the country today and they are growing. Evolving to be exact because it used to be that Team Lakay is known only for its striking thanks to its deep wushu or kung-fu roots. They are training ground-and-pound now. If they can further up their ante and master jiu-jutsi or wrestling more, they’ll be more dangerous.
3. Filipino fighters
Oh you should see our guys. Honorio Banario. Kevin Belingon. Eduard Folayang. Even Eric Kelly. They’re a delight to see. They’re four of the best, if not the best, strikers in ONE FC right now. They have submission skills and defense too, making them more dangerous. I will not miss their figthts for the world.
2. Shinya Aoki
I’m one of the lucky people who get to watch this fighter display his fighting talents. And I witnessed it twice in ONE FC both in Singapore. And he didn’t disappoint. He showed me he’s no the king of flying submissions for nothing. If I can’t convince you enough, this Japanese demolished two fighters, Arnaud Lepont and Kotetsu “No Face” Boku in just less than two rounds.


1. Victo Cui
This man is the main reason why we’re experiencing ONE FC right now. If not for his vision and leadership, we will have just a few MMA choice to select to aside from the usual daily dish like the UFC. I have probably thanked him a countless times for the ONE FC. But I would like to make it official by thanking him in here in Sportsmaryosep. So thank you Victor Cui! You’re the man.
Remember Anthony Suntay: He’s now the voice of the ONE FC cage. He’s also our man out there in the ONE FC. Stand proud and represent! And oh. Will Hsu will KILL me if I didn’t mention him and the Monsters Prod guys! You guys ROCK too! By the way, these below are my ONE FC  buds! Handsome and cool dudes just like Anthony!

Sportsmaryosep postscript: The ONE FC: Rise to Power is on May 31 (Friday) at the MOA Arena. You still have time to get tickets. Be there earlier than 6 p.m. because there’s going to be a long line.

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(Some of the photos are courtesy of ONE FC and my bud Brossi Gonzales)


Made in Taiwan

Rizal Memorial Pool Hall
May 27, 2013
Made in Taiwan

I was packing my things after another busy day covering billiards, the last stop of a day-long coverage of the Philippine National Games, when I saw a Twitter message from Smart Gilas Pilipinas 2.0 coach Chot Reyes that our national basketball team has been…well, to coin his term, “un-invited” to this year’s Jones Cup in Taiwan in a couple of months.
This was Reyes’ exact message on his Twitter account @coachot:

Reyes also said the escalating tension between the Philippines and Taiwan that emanated from a fatal shooting of a Taiwanese fisherman TRESPASSING our waters near the Balintang Channel off Batanes almost a couple of weeks back was the main reason of the “un-invitation” of our beloved Gilas 2.0 squad.
Seriously? Seriously! Oh come on you guys from Taiwan! You would let this issue spill into, of all things, sports? You got to be kidding us!
This is sad. I mean, I don’t want to dwell on the unfortunate shooting incident. but it was an accident. Our President apologized for it. You rejected our apology that was a clear sign of utter disrespect. You beat our people there in Taiwan. We didn’t beat your people back here in our country. We didn’t do anything to you in retaliation. Then this is what we get? Just wow.
Okay, so be it. By “un-inviting” us, you will lose a crowd drawer like our team. Remember us? The same Gilas team that WHIPPED your asses? The defending champions?
Reyes said it will be another blow to the team’s preparation since we will have to find a replacement tournament for the Jones Cup, a tournament which he said is an integral part of Gilas 2.0’s preparation. But hey, past is past. Let’s move to the future. Let’s talk about today.
And since we will not stoop as low as Taiwan, the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas will still invite your national basketball team to compete in the FIBA-Asia Championship that we will be hosting at the MOA Arena in Pasay City from Aug. 1 to 11. There is a chance that you will probably reject that too and do the “un-inviting” all by yourself. Self service.
I hope you don’t. But if you decide to come, we will treat your Taiwan team, kindly, hospitably and with the best of our abilities the same way we will treat all the participating countries. Even China, whom we had an ongoing tension too. No thanks to the Scarborough Shoals issue. But unlike you Taiwan, China remains civil to our country. We, in fact, invited Yao Ming and the Shanghai Sharks to even play our Gilas 2.0 and a PBA selection team in a pair of exhibition games. And without incident. Except that the not-so-Great Wall of Yao lost more than gain fans when his towering 7-6, “unsmiling” presence left back to Shanghai. You Taiwan will be extended courtesy that you never showed us. That we promise.
BUT ONLY OUTSIDE THE BASKETBALL COURT. Because when our Gilas 2.0 boys play yours, mark our words, we will WIN and beat the CRAP out of you. And without mercy. Search and destroy. To the pulp. We will make sure that we will lose to any other team but not you Taiwan. That is an assurance and a guarantee.Image

P. S.
You want courtesy? We will let our Cadet team play. Right Kevin Alas?

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(Photo courtesy of Smart Gilas Pilipinas)

Of LeBron, MOA Arena, PNG, V-League, Pacquiao Chess and ABL

MOA Arena
May 23, 2013
Sportsmaryosep ramblings

It’s a Thursday. May 23, 2013. Not an ordinary day. More than extra-ordinary. In fact, this has got to be one of the busiest, if not the busiest, days of my Sportsmaryosep life. I mean waking up knowing we’ve got a titanic game to watch. Not just a game, but Game One of the best-of-seven Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat, the defending champions, and the Indiana Pacers, the worthiest of all challengers on that part of the US coast. And the two teams didn’t disappoint as it ended up with one clutch plays and shot after another. The stars lived up the expectations. LeBron James. Paul George. Dwyane Wade. Roy Hibbert. Chris Bosh. David West. Of course, as everyone knows by now, LeBron won it for the Heat in a gripping 103-102 decision. A classic.

For those who missed it, you missed half of your life. You should see the replay. Or maybe just the highlights of that game in Sports Center. It’s worth it I tell you. Which inspires me to write another blog, a seperate one. But its not for here my Sportsmaryosep friends but for the most popular NBA site on the land– Philippines. So please watch out for it.
MOA Arena
After the game, we went straight to the MOA Arena, specifically the Cafe Premium. The ones with the VIP section part. Its a spectacular view up there. But why we’re there? Its because the MOA Arena is celebrating its one-year anniversary since it began its operation. Who would have thought? The 20,000-seater venue is now a year old. Time flies really fast. Happy birthday!
The significance of this presser touched several things. The first and most important was the announcement of MOA Arena constructing a twin MOA Arena in the down South. Right in the heart of the Visayan region–Cebu. I mean, that’s big. Another MOA Arena will mean another big venue. Meaning, our friends there will get to see and experience what we experienced here in Metro Manila. Big Sporting events. Big concerts. Big everything. That is going to happen in a couple of years. Can I say wow now? Wow!
The other one it tackled was that the NCAA and UAAP openings on June 22 and 29, respectively, will be held at the MOA Arena. Not only that, practically most of the games of the games of the both leagues, easily the country’s biggest and most glamorous, are going to be played at the MOA Arena. So bring out the soda and the popcorn. We’re watching the games there. And perhaps watch a movie at the Mall of Asia after it.
And oh. Have I mentioned that MOA Arena will also host the ONE Fighting Championship: Rise to Power on May 31, the FIBA-Asia Championship from Aug. 1-11, and the NBA pre-season game between the Indiana Pacers and the Houston Rockets on Oct. 10? So there.
Phl National Games
Yes, the annual gathering of the country’s best elite and amateur athletes have started. Except for basketball, all sports events possible were all been accounted for. Here’s a tip though: You should watch the boxing competition at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum in Vito Cruz, Manila. There, I assure you there will be nothing but excitement.
Shakey’s V-League
Oh this is the most painful part. Before Game One of the Ateneo-National U best-of-three title series, I wrote a preview predicting that the Lady Bulldogs will beat the Lady Eagles via sweep or in two games. That is because every individual stats possible NU owned. They have the best players in the league right now. You name it. Dindin Santiago, MVP. Ruby de Leon, setter. Jen Reyes, digger. Myla Pablo, blocker. But lo and behold, NU lost via straight sets, 25-15, 25-22, 25-23, thanks mainly to lack of championship experience. Their body languange look bad out ther. Poor timing. Reception in complete disarray. Played tight. Everything just went bad for NU.

Credit also should go to Ateneo, which played relaxed and with championship heart. They did nothing extra special except play their usual best. And oh. Was that brilliance by Ateneo coach Roger Gorayeb when he pulled a rabbit out of a hat against NU by fielding in a secret weapon in Kiwi Amy Ahomiro, who contributed only six hits but her “intangibles” created opportunities for Ateneo a lot of time. She just made a difference.
Manny Pacquiao Chess Cup
Capping the day was a dose of little chess at the Midas Hotel and Casino. It’s round 6. We’ve got Filipinos clogging the leaderboard. First to make a dent was Emmanuel Emperado, son of former Olympiad Mila. Grandmaster Julio Catalino Sadorra followed suit. Then its Mark Paragua’s turn to hug the limelight by seizing the lead. John Paul Gomez is there somewhere. These are the chess stars of today in the country. When I was then a cub reporter at Manila Times some 17 years ago, I wrote these same players, kids back then, and confidently said they’re going to be Grandmasters some day. Fast forward to present, and they are what I predicted. Oh how I love chess.
Just when I was about to relax, I’ve heard news that our very own San Miguel Beermen lost to the Thailand Slammers, 62-60, in their Asean Basketball League playoff game at the Ynares Center in Antipolo City. That’s got to hurt. But you know, as they say in local parlance, ‘Bilog ang bola (The ball is round)!’


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(Photos courtesy of NBA Philippines, V-League and ABL)

V-League Finals: Ateneo vs NU preview

Malate, Manila
May 23, 2013
V-League Finals: Ateneo vs NU preview

Exactly 15 hours from now, two of the country’s best women’s volleyball teams, the Ateneo Lady Eagles and the National U Lady Bulldogs, will clash in Game One of a short but meaningful best-of-three series at the MOA Arena that will determine which team takes home the championship trophy and the distinction of being called the best in the Shakey’s V-League 10-First Conference. And there is nothing more fitting than matching the league’s legitimately best teams. I mean, both Ateneo and NU deserve to be in the Finals.

You probably know by now what happened. Ateneo, the reigning back-to-back champion, sweeping an undermanned University of Santo Tomas team in two games and NU, a finals first-timer, needing three games and a whopping 14 sets to fend off a tough, stubborn challenge from Adamson in the Final Four.

Eighteen days ago, the Lady Bulldogs overpowered the Loyola-based belles, 25-15, 25-12, 26-24, in their first and only meeting this conference so far. It happened in the quarterfinal round. But that was before Thai Jaroensri Bualee came into the picture. Bualee, of course, was acquired by Ateneo from San Sebastian just before the semifinals. So things have changed drastically and we can throw away that game and predict, Madam Auring style, on how the series is going to end up. Of course, just like any other fearless forecasts, I could either turn up correct and saying “I told you so” or end up wrong, flat on my face. But here’s my crystal ball anyway.

Why Ateneo Will Win
Ateneo have a strong import in Bualee, who is one of the most relentless attackers in the league today. She adds some blocking to her already dreaded dimension plus the fact that she has a knack of receiving balls wherever it may come from whether its from attacks, services, dinks or just mere drops, she’s there to get it, volley it to their setter and ends up slamming it back home for the hit. Also, she provides the fun-filled elder sister persona that a young Ateneo team needs. They have a veteran coach in Roger Gorayeb, who has probably won everything. You name it. V-League. UAAP. NCAA. Nestea Beach Volleyball. For all we know, he may have won gazillions of inter-barangay or fiesta titles. His experience will be an extra edge as he will face off with NU’s Edjet Mabbayad, a talented coach but still lacked the years that the former has. Also, the Bualee-Alyssa Valdez-Rachel Daquis-Fille Cainglet seems formidable. It also helps that the Lady Bulldogs have this penchant of erecting leads and then allowing it to crumble by falling into a maze errors as evidenced in their semis series with the Lady Falcons. I mean, if NU falls into pieces, Ateneo is a deeper team than Adamson that can pounce on it in a jiffy.

Why NU Will Win
It has the league’s biggest star in Dindin Santiago, who is so far the league’s best scorer, best server and third best blocker going into the finale, and teammates who top the other categories like spiking (Myla Pablo), receiving and digging (energetic libero Jennylyn Reyes) and setting (guest player Ruby de Leon). NU’s formidable attacking group of Santiago, sister Jaja, Pablo, Aiko Urdas and Carmina Aganon are like clockwork. They form a rock-solid core up front may it be in offense or in defense. NU is brimming with confidence after surviving a tough challenge put up by Adamson. That three-game series woke up and at same time toughened up the Lady Bulldogs while the Lady Eagles were probably rusty after making quick work of the Tigresses, whom they swiped clean in just eight sets.

Players To Watch Out For
Gorayeb says it best: Ruby de Leon will make or break NU’s title hopes. Truly, NU follows wherever De Leon, who honed up her skills playing college ball for Santo Tomas, goes. In two Final Four games they won, de Leon averaged 37 successful sets while getting limited to just 30 in their Game One defeat. Ateneo’s Jamenea Ferrer will get her share of shinning moments but she’s too inexperienced, young and reckless to keep up with the battle-scarred de Leon. If Ferrer can keep up, and perhaps do better, things will look shiny on the side of Katipunan Road.

Madam Auring Pick

The Lady Bulldogs via SWEEP. Its tough, gruelling Final Four triumph over Adamson revealed NU’s vulnerabilities and weaknesses. But it also strengthened and toughened up the girls from Johcson Street, who were forced to play with more urgency after an adversity, problem-free pre-final route where they swept their way to the semis in seven games before getting stopped on their tracks with that Game One defeat to the Lady Falcons. Bualee, Daquis, Valdez, Cainglet and a gritty Ateneo defense will sure to create dillema, but NU will come in confident and prepared. Unless Bualee, Daquis, Valdez and Cainglet unleash their wrath with performances to remember and Ferrer turns into Ruby de Leon II, there’s no stopping NU from taking home their first ever Shakey’s V-League trophy.
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(Photos courtesy of Shakey’s V-League)

Chess and Manny Pacquiao

Midas Hotel and Casino
May 20, 2013
Chess and Manny Pacquiao

It’s been a long time since I covered a chess event this big. I was referring to the Asian Contental Chess Championships being done at the Midas Hotel and Casino in Pasay City. It gathers the best woodpushers in the region. I mean the best, really. Imagine 26 Grandmasters from all over Asia have descended upon us. Five of them are super GMs–Le Quang Liem (2714) and Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son (2631) of Vietnam, Li Chao (2686) of China, and Krishnan Sasikiran (2669) and Parimarjan Negi (2651) of India. If not for a previous committment abroad, GM Wesley So, the country’s top chesser, would have been here to represent the country.
You can also call it the Manny Pacquiao Cup. As the name says, this is a tournament Pacquiao, our champion, is bankrolling. All $100,000 in prizes came straight from Pacman’s pockets. Imagine if this becomes a regular thing and he pours money into it? We may see the world’s best here. Magnus Carlsen or Viswanathan Anand perhaps?
The reason I’m writing this was when Sportsmaryosep had a chance to do an ambush interview on Pacquaio, who has won his second term as Sarangani Congressman. You see, organizers headed by Eugene Torre, Asia’s first GM, chess fans and even our friends from the media have been waiting for Pacquiao to grace the event with his presence. He never came on the first two days.
On the early evening of the third, the surprise of surprises pleasantly greeted everyone–Pacquiao has arrived finally.
During his visit, Pacquiao watched some games, both from the men’s and women’s divisions, chatted with Torre and FIDE representative Toti Abundo, took photos and signed signatures for fans and played Torre in a chess game. That game ended in a 21-move draw.
Going into our short but meaningful chat, Pacquiao said he played chess even before he took up boxing and plans to support it long term. He added sports is part of his platform being an athlete himself. He never really answered questions about his next fight against Mexican-American Brandon Rios this November in Macau, China. I’m sure, he’s still cherishing his well-deserved vacation. So I’m giving him that.
But hey, at least we got this rare chance of meeting and talking to Pacquiao.

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The Air Up There

Midas Hotel
May 19, 2013
The Air Up There

On one sleepy Sunday while covering chess somewhere in Pasay City, I received an e-mail message from a friend Rick Olivares, who has his own blog site named Bleacher’s Brew and media officer of the Filoil Flying V Hanes Premier Cup, informing me of Filoil’s recent weekly individual awardees. You see, the tournament awards the week’s best performers and at least for this week alone, Africans ruled the fray.
There was Perpetual Help’s Nose Omorogbe, who was adjuged the Master Player of the Week after carring the Altas on his broad shoulders in an 84-59 rout of the Jose Rizal Bombers. It was the Las Pinas-based dribblers’ first win in five starts, probably the biggest reason the Nigerian took the weekly plum.
Omorogbe also made it into the Gatorade Best Five that included National U’s Bobby Ray Parks, Jr., St. Benilde’s Mark Romero, Santo Tomas’ Aljon Mariano and fellow African, Parks’ teammate Alfred Aroga of Cameroon.
Interestingly, it was also the 6-foot-7 Aroga, who will make his UAAP debut this coming season, who bagged rhe Gatorade Defensive Player of the Week honor having compiled 31 rebounds, a steal and seven blocked shots. If it ain’t a MONSTER defensive performance, I don’t know what is.

I’m writing about this because, I know you’ve also noticed it right now, of the prolifiration of African imports in the local collegiate basketball scene. I mean, let’s count it. Almost every team in the UAAP, NCAA and other Metro Manila teams and outside it like in Cebu have imports of the African variety.
Perpetual actually has two aside from Omorogbe, he’s Femi Babayemi also of Nigeria. For the Bulldogs, they have three in Aroga, Emmanuel Mbe and Henri Betayene, all from Cameroon, although only Aroga and Mbe will get to play this year because of the two-import maximum per team.
Three-peat NCAA titlist San Beda has a Nigerian behemoth in Ola Adeogun. La Salle will have Ben Mbala, a transferee from Southwestern U, in a couple of years. Speaking of SWU, the reigning CESAFI or Cebu college champion, it has two more Africans in the fridge and appeared to have more in the cabinet after losing Mbala to the Archers. Their cross-street rival, University of Visayas, has Steve Akomo.

Ateneo has reportedly two Africans waiting in the wings. Emilio Aguinaldo have two including Noube Happi, who was an MVP contender in last year’s NCAA season. Santo Tomas has Karim Abdul also of Cameroon. University of the East has 6-7 Charles Mammie of Sierra Leone this year and Moustapha Arafat next year. For those who haven’t seen Arafat, he is 6-8 but plays like a wing man. I personally saw him in Bacolod in October last year when he carried the Warriors to the University Games finals.
Adamson has this mammoth of an import in Ingrid Sewa of Cameroon, who is as big as a bulldozer.

And there are probably more coming.
There are pros and cons in the African invasion. There’s the argument that getting foreign re-inforcements deprives striving local players minutes and a chance to shine. That’s why the NCAA has already implemented a new rule stopping recruitment of these foreign cagers starting this year. Some argue that having the Africans and other imports are part of the growing trend not just in the United States but also all over the world of recruiting these international players. Come to think of it, if we want our local players to get first hand experience playing taller, stronger players, we should embrace this new culture. Because some of these local players will represent the country in future tournaments. Having them in their younger years will help all our talents grow somehow.

And oh. They’re enjoyable to watch too. Try watching games in the Filoil Flying V Hanes Premier Cup. Rick and I enjoyed watching and covering games there. These Africans lend excitement to college basketball.
Which got me to the question on where did these college sports officials and recruiters get the idea of getting Africans? Perhaps they watched too many movies. I’m guessing its the 1994 comedy film starring Kevin Bacon that is top on their list: “The Air Up There.”

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(Photos courtesy of Filoil Flying V Sports)

Denise Tan Speaks

MOA Arena
May 16, 2013
Denise Tan Speaks

As I was packing my bag after a hard day’s work covering the Shakey’s V-League, I took a final peak at my Twitter. And lo and behold, I saw these tweets by Denise Tan at @_denisetan. Before we go peruse Denise’s messages, let’s first take a look at who Denise Tan is.
Tan, for the uninitiated, is a former setter of the Santo Tomas’ women’s volleyball team before she injured a shoulder that forced her to stop playing. At least that’s what her Facebook account say. And oh, she has 12k plus likes on Facebook and about 10,000 followers on Twitter. That’s how popular she is, to say the least.
So let’s go back to her Twitter.
“No relation to UST losing and all, but I think the rule that allows the teams to trade guest players, is just total bs.”
Denise twitted this right after Ateneo overpowered Santo Tomas, her alma mater, 25-13, 23-25, 25-23, 25-13. She was referring to the rule that allows teams to trade players before the Final Four. In this case, she was specifically referring to Thai spiker Jaroensri Bualee getting shipped to Ateneo from San Sebastain just before the Final Four unfolded. About the bs, please refer to BullsHeat game and you’ll know.
Here’s her other tweets:
“If Ateneo wins the championship though, I’d be really happy for Jang Bualee!”
“To be perfectly honest, I dont remember if UST did the same thing before.Regardless if they did, it still doesnt change my opinion about it.”
“It’s unfair that people are saying that it’s a desperate move for ADMU. All I’M saying is that I really think it’s a stupid rule. That’s it!”
“I just found out about it. If I was bitter, I wouldn’t congratulate Ateneo. #commonsense”
And then she got a hailstorm of responses, homicidal or otherwise.
Here’s her answer to her critic:
“People, relax! Based on the tweets and score, it seems like ADMU won in a convincing manner today. I’m not trying to make excuses for UST.”
“…If I wanted to do that, I’d be talking about a whole lot of other stuff aside from the trade. Relax lang! Ang init ng ulo niyo e! Smile:D”
“Last na to, ang hina umintindi ng iba. Nag-trade ADMU at PATI NA RIN ANG UST. Ang point ko lang, nasasagwaan ako sa rule na yun. Gets mo na?”
So we go to the question: What’s wrong with Denise Tan’s comments at Twitter?
I say she has the right to speak up her mind. This is a democratic country after all. We voted Nancy Binay to Senate and placed No. 5 at that. And she won it without even opening her mouth in a debate. That’s more criminal than what Tan spoke of. Aren’t it?
The next question: Is the rule trading guest players fair?
I say it is. I’ve heard everyone had been given a chance to make a move. And besides, it’s being practiced in other leagues like the PBA no matter how outrageous it is. Bottomline, everyone is fair game. Even Bualee.
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