My One and Only Nunoy

The Arena

May 3, 2013

My One and Only Nunoy

This is the first thing I wrote when my youngest bro, Jerson, passed away exactly 2 years ago today. I’m posting this in memory of my Iton.


Birth. Sunrise. Happiness.

Brothers. Sisters. Parents.

Warmth. Smiles. Celebrations.

Play. Laughter. Joy.

Crawl. Walk. Run.

Learn. Ideas. Arts.

Classrooms. Wisdom. Horizon.

Worlds. Experiences. Jungle.

Grace. Kindness. Fortitude.

Strength. Wealth. Power.

Friends. Lovers. People.

Work. Noble. Profession.

Teach. Touch. Lives.

Students. Teachers. Schools.

Mistakes. Choices. Slide.

Sickness. Diseases. Danger.

Nurses. Hospitals. Doctors.

Medicines. Oxygen. Beds.

Pain. Heartaches. Desperation.

Sorrow. Sadness. Tears.

Grief. Despair. Prayers.

Sunset. Breath. Death.

Abyss. Goodbyes. Acceptance.

Gate. Heaven. God.



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