Who’s your Mammie?

The Arena, San Juan
May 3, 2013
Who’s your Mammie?

For someone standing six-foot-eight, all muscle and no fat, Charles Mammie is a scary, behemoth of a player. At first look, he resembles a warrior, a force of nature with his well-sculpted body. Get closer and there appears a basketball force. You can just imagine how worst it is to even talk to this behemoth of a guy.
But much to everyone’s surprise, Mammie, who hails from Sierra Leone, is surprsingly soft-spoken and shy given his massive size. He stutters a lot too. Perhaps he’s not used to talking to people.
When asked of his toughts on the game after his University of the East Warriors overpowered the Emilio Aguinaldo Generals, 97-66, in an elimination round game of the Filoil Flying V Hanes Premier Cup, Mammie couldn’t find the words. Except the words team effort.
So entangled was Mammie’s tongue that his UE coach, Boycie Zamar kidded the former to “go ahead and relax, the team bus will not leave you.”
But if you’re a UAAP school not named UE, you got to be intimidated by this Mammie. And let us count the ways. 23 points and 11 rebounds in just 21 minutes. I repeat, 21 minutes. You can just imagine if the UAAP starts now.
With the Warriors finally getting inside support, the Recto-based dribblers should be regarded as legitimate title contenders. Mammie should be the backbone of a UE team out to improve on its embarrassing seventh place finish last year.
UE will have someone to match up with rest of them.
“No comment, I’ll just let my play answer come the UAAP,” the 21-year-old Mammie said after struggling to find the words.
With Mammie around, Zamar knows they’ll be a contender.
“Of course, we’re dreaming big just like everyone else. We’re confident we can but I have to remind the players that we should also be ready for failure just like what our past told us,” said Zamar, who coached the Warriors from 2000 to 2003.
And this is my true Mammie.

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Mammie gamely poses for pictures with the media guys at the press room of The Arena in San Juan. Photo courtesy of Filoil media officer Rick Olivarez!Image


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