Yes Yes Yao

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May 5, 2013
Yes Yes Yao

It’s the Year of the Yao.
Or at least for this day. Because I’m one of the few lucky souls who got to see the 7-6 Chinese spectacle in person. It’s not everyday that someone so legendary like Yao, who has nine NBA seasons tuck at his belt and more if he hadn’t encountered various injuries in his finals years, goes to the Philippines for a few days. So I didn’t waste time grabbing the golden chance to see and interview a player like Yao in person. I mean, I missed the opportunity to see Muggsy Bogues, the smallest player ever to play in the NBA because I was miles away from Manila. I will not let this slip away.
So I grabbed it, popped some questions and learned 10 things. This one’s for you David Letterman.
10. Yao considers LeBron James as the best player in the NBA right now.
9. Yao says he has an open mind and will consider getting Allen Iverson, who says he doesn’t have money in his pocket to buy a cheeseburger, to play for his Chinese team, the Shanghai Sharks if given the opportunity.
8. Yao thinks the only way for Smart Gilas Pilipinas 2.0 to make the FIBA Worlds or the Olympics is, guess what? Beat China.
7. Yao is no way giving away China’s secrets when it comes to basketball.
6. Yao thinks there could be more Asian players who could follow his footsteps and play in the NBA in the future.
5. Yao believes the San Antonio Spurs will top the Western Conference.
4. The East? Yao stresses its the Miami Heat.
3. The champion? “I have to flip a coin,” Yao says.
2. There is no cure in the Lakers’ misery.
And finally,…
1. Yao gets a little irritated if he misses breakfast.

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