Lumpiang Shanghai

MOA Arena
May 6, 2013
Lumpiang Shanghai

I hate Jaws. I’m talking about the movies. I hate Shark’s fin even more. Not because I hate sharks in particular. But I just loathe people who gets the fin, sells it for food, and throws away the rest of the body and leave it dying in agony amid the deep blue sea.
I mean, there’s no hatred in sharks there. Particularly this one, a Chinese basketball pro team based in Shanghai. A team that Yao Ming, a 7-6 spectacle called the Walking Great Wall, now owns. They’re here, by the way, to hold clinics for our kids and play couple of exhibition games with our Smart Gilas Pilipinas 2.0 and a PBA selection squad.
I just hate Yao not smiling much.
Or getting irritated when he skips breakfast for a just a few minutes.
Or frowns if you ask for pictures or his signature for a book you have with a story or photo of him. Man, I have this Sports Illustrated’s “The Basketball Book” that was a Christmas gift to me from wifey four years ago. I would have loved to see Yao’s signature affixed somewhere there. But lo and behold, Yao apparently didn’t like signing anything that much. Nor fan friendly the way I pictured him before. Yao was this image I had in mind of being a gentle giant. But it turns out The Undertaker and Gheorge Muresan are up there and Yao,…well…DOWN there in my list of Primadonna athletes.
Or tells organizers not to bother him with ambush interviews. I even saw him rejecting outright this interview by this lady reporter from TV 5 while Yao was walking back the hallway. I think its Chiqui Roa-Puna. But I’m not sure.
Or whispers security and his Chinese friends to tell the Filipino cameraman to not video his face while watching a basketball game. Man, you’re a public figure for Cheap sakes. Why can’t they video you?
Or brags in the presser that in order for us, Filipinos, to make the FIBA Worlds or the Olympics, we need to beat China? Sorry Yao, China is no longer the only powerhouse team in Asia. Hello Iran. Hello Hamed Haddadi, who, by the way, graciously granted a quick photo session with.
Or grouchfully rejects a question that he had reconsidered giving basketball advice to us saying he might spill China’s secrets.
But hey, I guess that’s life.
Thankfully for us, Gilas 2.0, a team mentored by Chot Reyes, did us a favor by beating Yao’s Shanghai Sharks using a team composed of cadets, or college players (Yes, College players!), and half PBA veterans who just arrived that afternoon after travelling all the way from Digos, Davao del Sur.
Beating the Yao’s team is a good start I guess.
I couldn’t help but smile when I walked just a few men behind Yao in the hallway and almost hit one of the signages there if he hadn’t bowed his head a bit.
Oh. This lumpiang shanghai is starting to taste really good.

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But I like Haddadi more!Image


6 thoughts on “Lumpiang Shanghai

  1. exactly! He doesn’t enjoy being here i guess. We don’t have evil plans against your team or china NT, and even if we do, it would not even get pass congress. Not everything is a conspiracy. Hamed is the new dawg.


  2. Yao Ming is the exact opposite of another recent Manila visitor Muggsy Bogues and we are not talking about height! At least, Muggsy was kind enough to sign one of his trading cards for me.


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