The Empire Strikes Back!

Philsports Arena
May 14, 2013
The Empire Strikes Back!

Since I wrote “The Jerie Pingoy Rule” here in my Sportsmaryosep blog, I have only received praises and kudos. Sometimes a message of appreciation from sympathizers of Pingoy and people who have opposed the said rule from the start.
Until I received a text message from someone from Far Eastern U. Its the same school where Pingoy, now turning 20 years old, won a UAAP juniors championship and a Most Valuable Player trophy as high school cager. I will not mention the texter’s name. All I can say is that this person is highly placed, has been a good source for more than a decade for me and has treated me fairly.
That’s why I’m giving this person an equal space. I’m naming this person FEU. AND. HERE. WE. GO (Bruce Buffer voice!).
As I was parking at the premises of the Philsports Arena in Pasig City where I was supposed to cover the Final Four of the V-League, a semi-pro women’s volleyball league, my dinosauric cell phone sounded several times. When I picked it up from my right pocket and opened it, it showed I just received three messages. The first one told me I just won the lottery but I should e-load him P500 so that he or she could text me back the details on how I could get my prize. Pardon my French but replied these: “Go f@#% yourself!” The second was from my boss assigning me to this presser by the Pacific Xtreme Cagefighting (PXC) the next day somewhere in Quezon City. And the first thing that came to my mind is Mark Streigl, who have signed another four-fight contract with the said Guam-based fight outfit. You should see this guy Streigl, he’s UFC material. The third was, of course, the main event of the evening–the text from FEU.
And it goes something like this:
“I just read your blog, Joey. (Thank you FEU, much appreciated). Let’s talk soon. (Aren’t we talking already?). Ask yourself, why was the vote 6-2? (Hmmm! Why oh why?). Why did National U’s Henry Sy and La Salle’s Danding Cojuangco, two schools with unlimited recruitment and funding, vote for the two-year residency rule? (Why Annie Lennox Why?).”
Of course, FEU was referring to the Pingoy rule, which requires incoming freshmen transferees (athletes coming from a UAAP high school to another UAAP school in college) to undergo two-year residency before he could play. As I’ve also thoroughly explained, there is an escape clause for these rookies. Its a release clause from their old UAAP school. You have that and you can play once and for all.
FEU, not this guy we are talking but the school, however, told Pingoy NO, he can’t have his release papers. He should transfer to the other league, which is Kuya NCAA (UAAP’s elder brother being 88 years old), and play perhaps for the San Beda Red Lions for Pingoy to play outright.
Did I lose you? No? No. So back to FEU, who I texted back that Sportsmaryosep is just my personal blog and I didn’t let it affect what I write for The Philippine Star, which is purely based on facts and objective reporting. I then asked him of his reaction from the blog I wrote because I’m giving him a chance to explain to me the other side of the coin.
And here’s what he texted:
“Allow me to explain to you what happened (Yes, I’m listening sir). Ateneo officials cannot defend their improper behavior in public. Say, Plaza Miranda (That’s in Quiapo!). FEU can (You did!).”
I asked FEU specifics so that I, and the rest of my dear Sportsmaryosep readers, will be enlightened. And this was FEU’s response:
“Very explosive (I love fireworks). Too controversial (Loving it more). A tale of arrogance, deceit, bribery, lack of common courtesy and consideration, cover-up of improper behavior, etc. (Wow! Tele-Novela-like!).
Unfortunately, it ended there. FEU didn’t explain it further. So sorry guys. Perhaps, Sportsmaryosep could get to sit down, face-to-face, with FEU and perhaps he could supply me with juicier, never-before-heard, behind-the-scene facts and stories that I know you rumor mongers love.
But that’s another story.
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