Independence Day

Manila, Philippines
June 12, 2013
Independence Day

Exactly 115 years ago today, we Filipinos were freed from the Spanish colonial rule.
Thus born our Independence Day.
I will not tell you how it came to be or kill you with boredom on the significance of this moment in our daily lives. I will just tell you that this day is indeed important, yes it is, and to read your History books. Or just Google it. Wikipedia has all the answers. This is Sportsmayosep after all. Not the History Channel. So worry not my friends. I will not bore you with a history lesson.
So its Independence Day today. The happiest if you’re a Brgy. Ginebra die-hard. Why? Read the papers and online journals. Or go ask Snow Badua or who reported it first. They should know. Everybody knows actually. Unless you’re in a shell, Brgy. Ginebra has just landed one of the most exciting basketball players in this side of the planet–Japeth Aguilar.
You see, the Kings got the high-flying, slam-dunking 6-9 Aguilar from a multiple-player deal after letting go of Yousif Taha and a 2013 first round pick to Global Port, a franchise owned by sports philantrophist Dr. Mikee Romero, and Elmer Espiritu to Barako Bull for the same 2013 first round pick it gave away to Global, which in turn got Jay Washington from Petron by also dealing rookie Jason Deutschman and its 2016 and 2017 second round picks.
And the trade, as flashily puts it, has been “signed, sealed, delivered.”
So Japeth is officially a King.

japeth aguilar
Japeth’s entry officially made Brgy. Ginebra the LOB CITY of the PBA as he will join forces with Air Force Ellis, the reigning PBA slam dunk champion and LA Tenorio, who will be Chris Paul to Japeth and Ellis’ Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan of the Los Angeles Clippers.

This is definitely the most athletic team in the history of the Ginebra franchise. It will rain slamma jammas my friends because Japeth and Ellis will serve a dish we call dunks. And it will come aplenty. Alley oop. Tomahawk. Reverse. One-handed. Two-handed. Follow up. Heck, Japeth and Ellis can even dunk on people and brush their teeth and comb their hair while they’re at it if they wanted to. Oh, Rico Maeirhofer can probably join the parade too.
With these heavy dunkers, LA, and the Fast and the Furious–Mark Caguioa and Jay Jay Helterbrand–can shoot their triples and floaters as much as they want to for all we care because Japeth and Ellis will be there to pick up the misses and slam it back home. And oh, I believe they’re trying to get Asi “The Rock” Taulava too to share the fun.
This is definitely the happiest Independence Day of our lives.
Can I say these words repeatedly now? GINEBRA! GINEBRA! GINEBRA!

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(Photos courtesy of Japeth Aguilar and AKTV on IBC13)


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