Wow Wow Boys

Rizal Memorial Coliseum
July 9, 2013
Wow Wow Boys

It’s a Tuesday.
It’s an off-day for my regular job at The Philippine STAR. My night job is writing for my Sportsmaryosep. For this day, its all about doing the household chores and fullfilling husband and family duties. After doing most of it, I found some free time. I immediately checked my mail and I found this story about the UAAP and NCAA Press Corps’ Players of the Week. You see, the group composed of the best and finest sportswriters in the country today has this weekly award recognizing the best of the best in the past seven days of the UAAP’s Season 76 and NCAA’s Season 89. So we’ve got a blog.
But first, the media group wants everybody to know that the weekly plum is sponsored by shoe and t-shirt apparel ACCEL and 3XVI and backed by Gatorade. So we got that out of our slate and let’s start the drum rolling.
UAAP: Terrence Romeo
Oh Romeo. You fooled us to believe that you’re a mean, unstoppable scoring machine. So lethal offensively that words like “passing” and “assists” were then alien to you the past seasons. This year, at least early in the season, you made a lot of people eat their words including, uhm, Sportsmaryosep.

But we love the way you’re playing. At least in your first three games when the Far Eastern U Tams looked more like a wrecking crew than what we saw in the pre-season where they didn’t even got past the group stages. You bedazzled all of us with your spectacular plays not just in offense but also in defense. Yes defense. You’re playing defense now. And we’re getting it. You want to win your first UAAP championship. Perhaps you’ll win the Most Valuable Player award along the way. And this is a good start. Forgive me, this is a GREAT start. Imagine having averaged 21.3 points, 10 rebounds, 5.3 assists and two steals. And University of the East, Ateneo and University of the Philippines are probably still in awe at the way you played Terrence. Your phenomenal rise could probably be attributed to the eutopic system brought in by your new coach Nash Racela where everyone not named Hargrove and Sentiu could shoot the threes.
It helps that RR Garcia, one of the finest, if not the finest, guards in the collegiate scene today is playing side by side with him. It’s like you feed on RR, and RR feeds on you. I know your fates are intertwined now, Vice Ganda aside. It’s also a big complement that this young kid named Michael Tolomia is also emerging as a force with one circus shot after another. So dear Romeo, keep it up. Keep us in state of bewilderment. It’s been a while since we see a player your caliber. Keep it humming.
Can I say Wow now? Wow!
NCAA: Baser Amer
Oh. The Hammer. I still remember that shot you made in that memorable game against Perpetual Help last year. You may have lost that game but you won the hearts of many, including ours. Because of that spectacular shot. You drew different kinds of names from there on. Like Baser-beater. You are a spectacle.
But we knew you’ll become who you are now even before you enter college. We saw you play for the Sab Beda Cubs where you’re already half boy, half amazing. We knew your style as a high school ball player. In the first half, you’ll pile up the assists by feeding your teammates. And then you’ll start to score. Not just score, but score AT WILL! We still remember when you were even compared this other amazing player, then known as a phenom in Kiefer Ravena from the other side of the fence, which is Ateneo.

Like you Baser, Kiefer has stayed with his alma mater. And although Ravena is on top of the world right now, we knew you will be somewhere there soon. And fast. Look at your averages in two games when the Lions posted their first streak of the season over Arellano U and Emilio Aguinaldo: 13 points, six assists and 3.5 rebounds. Because of you, San Beda, the dynastic rule of this side of the collegiate basketball Earth, the NCAA, is now running second, half a game behind league-leading Letran.
You, Baser, is just a delight to see. Whenever you’re on the court, its like seeing MC Hammer’s song “Hammertime.” Only in your case, its “Amertime!” See? You have your own niche now. So let it fly.
Can I say wow now? Wow!
Sportsmaryosep postscript: Last week, the ACCEL/3XVI-NCAA Press Corps Player of the Week was Letran’s Raymond Almazan, who happens to be a cousin of Kerby Raymundo. I will not be surprised if he ends up as this year’s MVP. He has added some offense now, making him a more dangerous weapon for the Knights, who by the way, are leading the NCAA with three straight wins. Impressive.


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(Photos courtesy of Filoil Flying V)


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