Hunger Games

Araneta Coliseum
July 10, 2013
Hunger Games

The hunters: Jeron and Jeric Teng. And perhaps the whole University of Santo Tomas basketball team.

The hunted: Jeff Javellonar.


You are probably curious as to why this happened. So are my neighbors. My dogs and cats too. But the more correct question is what triggered the incident. So we will try to make an accurate account of what really occured.
Let’s start with about three minutes remaining in the second quarter of the UST-National U game. It was the exact same moment Jeff Javellonar, the Bulldogs’ so-called enforcer or NU’s consigliere or an equivalent to the Mafia’s hammer, pushed an unsuspecting UST gunner Jeric Teng from behind. Teng then fell badly and hurt his right shoulder. He was taken out immediately with a swollen shoulder and didn’t return the rest of the match. Teng will have his shoulder x-rayed any time now. Let’s hope its not serious, for his sake and also Javellonar’s.
NU eventually won the game, 71-67, mainly becuase of an MVP-like performance of reigning two-time MVP Bobby Ray Parks, Jr. and partly because of Javellonar, whose foul on Teng, intentional or otherwise, gave the Bulldogs one less threat to contend with. Teng had seven points, three rebounds and three assists before his untimely…what’s the word?…evisceration at the hands of Javellonar. We will not talk about if Javellonar is guilty of pre-meditated action or not lest Sportsmaryosep will be accused of bias. But we will dwell on how people reacted.

And here it goes:

Wait! Hold your horses. Here’s the video link on how Javellonar bulldozed Jeric Teng. It’s up to you to decide!

Jeron Teng, brother of Jeric, has this to say to Javellonar on his Twitter account @jeronteng: “I hope my brother’s okay.. Jeff Javillionar, you are a f*cking asshole.”
Jeron later erased this Tweet and replaced it with this one: “I know it’s no accident. I’ve known him since RP youth days.”

As for Jeric on his Twitter account @jericteng16: “I didn’t see that coming! Your day will come trust me. God has his own ways. And I didn’t know that’s allowed in uaap.”

Jeff Javellonar, sadly, has no Twitter account. But Anton Altamirano, who is from St. Benilde and son of current NU coach Eric Altamirano, bravely defended him on his Twitter account @blazerboy11: “The push by jeff a while ago was definitely a foul but he did not intentionally push jeric. He may be an enforcer but he is not dirty.”
I’m not inciting them, but I have this suspicision someone from the Tigers are saving one for Javellonar.
Of course, Javellonar probably doesn’t care. But as seemingly fearless Javellonar is, he knows deep in his heart that something is coming. He can feel it by his skin. Like a prey to a predator. Only, he’s the prey and the Tengs and the Tigers the predators.
Dino Maragay, the funny, ruthless, pun-heavy editor of Philippines and, has these to say on his own account ‏@dino_mars: “Teng Teng Teng! Round 2 coming up! #TengvsJavillonar”’s Mark Giongco’s @mg_onpoint also has his share of the pie: “Jeron just let Jeff know that he got Jeric’s back. #UAAP” and “Mark your calendars NU-La Salle July 28.”
Oh Mark, we will. We definitely will.
May the odds be ever iun your favor!
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(Photos courtesy of Filoil Flying V)


2 thoughts on “Hunger Games

  1. Jeff Javillionar looks like a saint compared to Andrei Mendoza from Lyceum. Lakas kasi nung force ng pagtulak niya kay Teng. OA lang.


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