Dandan not yet done?

Vito Cruz corner Taft Ave., Manila
August 18, 2013
Dandan not yet done?

Is Ricky Dandan still the head coach of the University of the Philippines Maroons?
In the afternoon, it seems he’s not. But in the evening, it turns out he still is. What’s the real score? Let’s trace it from the start.
It all started with that cryptic message by Dandan on his Twitter account @ricky_dandan Saturday night which went like this: “made a mistake trusting people #engot.” It came a couple of days after the Maroons absorbed a 59-67 defeat to the Ateneo Eagles. It was a loss, its eighth straight this year, where they squandered a first half lead.
Speculations swirled. Rumors spread. News of Dandan allegedly resigning went viral. In response, calls were made. But no answers.

Only, some team insiders, hiding behind the curtain of anynonymous sources, told media Rey Madrid is taking over Dandan. For the unitiated, Madrid coached UP in the 80s and like Dandan, is a Joe Lipa protege who played for the fiery at UP. Of course, Lipa is the only coach who steered the Maroons to their first and only UAAP championships in 1986. That was 27 years ago. Eons back.
Fast forward to this rainy, or better a deluge-filled Sunday night, Rick Olivares, a friend, wrote on his blog, Bleacher’s Brew, that Dandan is not yet done after all. He writes: “BREAKING NEWS: (According to my well-placed source) The University of the Philippines’ Chancellor will make announcement tomorrow that Ricky Dandan WILL STILL BE THE HEAD COACH of the Fighting Maroons. My UP source quotes the Chancellor as saying that since Dandan did not resign and team management did not clear the movement with the UP Administration, it will be status quo.”
It’s really crazy, the Dandan melodrama. You see, UP team management, for the second time, made a coaching change without informing the higher ups. They did the same with then coach Aboy Castro.
Sportsmaryosep’s take: I mean, its plain rude replacing your coach in the middle of the season. Nevermind that the Maroons have gone an embarrassing 0-8 (win-loss) start. I symphatize with Coach Ricky. If you’ve known the guy, he’s a straight shooter. He’ll tell you straight what he feels. If you’re his friend, he’s your friend for life.


And I’m scared to be his enemy. On the other hand, basketball is business. Especially the UAAP. Like they say, you’re good as your last win. That is the sad thing about the sport. Winning is everything. At the expense of principles.
But we’ll see what happens in the coming days.
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(Photo courtesy of Ricky Dandan)


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