Araneta Coliseum
August 31, 2013

Like a KO, the University Athletic Association of the Philippines, has been TROed.
A KO, of course, is a knock out while a TRO is a Temporary Restraining Order, in case you’re wondering. In layman’s term, it’s a compelling legal option for anyone facing violence–physical, mental or emotional. It is a court order that protects a person or persons from physical, mental, verbal, or other abuse. It can be filed against practically anyone initiating harm. Even an institution, like the UAAP.
You see, swimmer Anna Bartolome recently filed a case–a TRO in this instance–as a challenge to the 76-year-old league’s newly implemented two-year residency rule on high school athletes transferring from one member school to another as a college rookie. Bartolome, through her dad former basketball referee Vic, has sought reprieve from the court. We’re not talking about the basketball hardwood, but something legal. The Bartolomes have also asked the issuance of a writ of preliminary prohibitory injunction and writ of preliminary mandatory injunction commanding UST to issue a release of Bartolome and a permanent injunction and declaration of nullity of the UAAP’s two-year residency rule. The rule being referred to here is what is now popularly known as the “Jerie Pingoy rule.” For more of it, check Sportsmaryosep’s old blog on this controversial rule. Here’s the link:
In short, the Bartolomes want to get an official release from Anna’s former high school team, University of Santo Tomas, for her to get to compete for University of the Philippines in the 76th UAAP swim wars as well as for that Pingoy rule be junked totally. We will not talk about the merits of this particular case. Nor we’re going to crucify the culprits and geniuses who agreed to this. We’ll just say this Pingoy rule sucks big time.
Curiously, this new case came just a few weeks after the UAAP received a 20-day TRO from Jozshua General and his counsels after he was declared by the league ineligible. The UAAP rescpected the court decision and allowed the kid to play, at least for the duration of the TRO.
And here’s part of the UAAP’s statement on the story written by Olmin Leyba at The Philippine STAR on the new issue: “Just like Joshua General’s case (who also secured a TRO on his disqualification), the UAAP would be respecting the steps undertaken by the swimmer’s father and honor the orders of the court.” And another: “And because a legal case has been filed, the UAAP legal counsel, Atty. Rene Ma. Villa, takes over the handling of the issue,” the statement added.
The UAAP board, according to its secretary-treasurer Malou Isip, will abide by the advice of Villa.
“Atty. Villa would only be discussing the merits of the case after Monday’s hearing. Similarly, the UAAP Board, specifically Ms. Malou Isip, would abide by their legal counsel’s advice,” the statement said.
Sportsmaryosep’s prognosis: We’re not going to make one. We’ll let the courts interpret and decide on it. These issues give me a bad feeling though. Two court cases in one season? There must be something wrong in the UAAP somewhere. Or is it just me?
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