Dura lex, sed lex

Lapu Lapu City, Cebu
September 12, 2013
Dura lex, sed lex

We’re not in law school. I also knew little about it. Except this one, which answers.com defines as “The law is harsh, but it is the law. What ever hardship a law may cause an individual, the particular law is existing for the benefit of the community and the harmony it brings. A person really has rights that are to be observed but the privelege of the enjoyment of this rights should be in consideration to what is good for all.”
Now why am I saying these? You see, the UAAP board, them with powers encompassing even the basketball gods, has spared the Ateneo Blue Eagles a possible forfeiture when their coach, Bo Perasol, showed up in the game they won over the University of the East Warriors, 77-72, a week ago when he should have not. Instead, the league almighty serve a one-game suspension he was supposed to be serving had he not allegedly “asked” and “granted permission” by the league to attend the games, even if its just in the dugout. They spared UE’s Ralf Olivares too after sitting “within the viscinity” of the Warriors’ bench in that same game. He will serve the second of his two-game suspension.
In short, UE’s “clarification” didn’t come through with the result it desired, which in this case is forfeiture. They’re now officially out of the Final Four race, thanks partly to their commissioner who uses video replays like a CCTV trying to catch shoplifters. Only University of Santo Tomas benefited from it as Perasol will sit out what will turn out a do-or-die game on Wednesday.
Here’s what UAAP secretary-treasurer Malou Isip of Season 76 host Adamson told Reuben Terrado of spin.ph and the rest of the media men a few hours ago: “Coach Bo was in the game venue when he was supposed to be serving his suspension, that is why the board decided that he should be serving the penalty (again).”

As background, UE sought for a probe, or clarification as the Recto-based school wants to call it, of Perasol’s appearance in the game despite being suspended for the commotion he was involved in against a La Salle heckler before the UST game. Not wanting to be left out, the Jesuit-ran school responded by asking why Olivares is in the venue too when he was supposed to be sitting in his bloody couch back home and watching it on television, eat his popcorn and just serve his freaking suspension.

Sportsmaryosep’s prognosis: I’m no fan of non-basketball people meddling with basketball players, probably traumatic of the fact that I was a bare witness to San Beda losing a game they won on the court to College of St. Benilde in the other league, the NCAA, a few seasons back when the board intervened and forfeited it. Guess what’s the reason? Sam Ekwe wore a wrong uniform. If we will follow the rules, i mean R-U-L-E-S, then the league should have forfeited that Ateneo-UE game and ordered a replay. I don’t know, perhaps the league is scared of Ateneo getting angry, perhaps not. Or the possibility of the Eagles bolting out of the league is just too indigestible. After all, it’s hard to imagine a UAAP without Ateneo. But we have rules in basketball just like laws and the constitution that we must respect. Love me or hate me, but Ateneo was no victim here. The real victim here is the league as a whole because this is a bad, really bad, precedent. The recent decision has just created an impression that rules, just like hearts, can be broken in the UAAP where Greatness has ended.
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(Photos courtesy of Filoil Flying V)


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