Huey, Dewey, Louie

Marikina Riverpark
September 20, 2013
Huey, Dewey, Louie

I love tennis.
The reason I do is because of my pregnant wife. You see, the love of my life, Kristel, loves tennis. She’s crazy about it. We’re so in love with the sport, in fact, that we will probably allow our son to play tennis first, not chess, my first love, nor basketball. We’ll probably name our toddler Rafa, perhaps Roger. Maybe Djoko.
So I’m writing about tennis.
And the tennis personality I’m writing about is Treat Conrad Huey. Huey is a 28-year-old pro whose mother is a Filipina and father an American. But if you meet the guy, he’s every bit a Filipino. He plays for flag and country every chance he had. Recently, he spearheaded the country’s Davis Cup campaign against the taller, higher-ranked New Zealand at the posh Plantation Bay Resorts and Spa (Thank you VP Efren Belarmino) in Lapu Lapu City, Cebu. We lost, 2-3, but we showed them we’re no pushovers. We’re never-say-die. Like Brgy. Gnebra fans.
This Huey I’m talking about is not just a name. He’s ranked 28th in the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) rankings. His partnership with Great Britain’s Dominic Inglot is world class. The pair, in fact, is ranked 13th in the world. The two finished in the quarterfinals of the US Open in New York two weeks ago. They beat the third seed only to fall in the quarters.
Sportsmaryosep had a chance to talk with Treat. He’s a quiet, a little introvert-type of guy. But he’s generally nice and talked to us local writers, myself, the Phl Daily Inquirer’s Marc Anthony Reyes, Tempo editor-in-chief and sports editor Rey Bancod and Sports Radio’s Judith Caringal.
Treat is good-looking too. And good news to the ladies out there, he’s still single and ready to mingle. She considers Ana Ivanovic as a bombshell. You’ll probably need to play killer tennis to wow the dude. He likes everything longganisa. I mean everything. From Lucban, to chorizo to simple longganisas. Serve it and he’ll consume it. Back to his love life, he’ll probably stay single for a while. He’s focused on winning a Grand Slam. He’s 28 years old. He and Inglot will probably win one or two or a bunch some day. Tennis players, especially the doubles specialists, have long life. They’ll reach 40 years and they’re still capable of winning. And Treat plans to hang for a while.
Unless you knock him out of his senses. It can happen. As they say, love conquers all.
In the meantime, Treat is married to tennis. I’m married to someone who loves tennis. Our son will probably love tennis too. I’ll probably name my son Treat. Or Huey. Future Grand Slam doubles champion.
I really love tennis.
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(Photo courtesy of Marc Anthony Reyes)


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