Pido I-rencio

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October 13, 2013
Pido I-rencio

You probably noticed UST coach Pido Jarencio’s mispelled last name. No it’s not a typographical error. I deliberately mispelled it to highlight the I. Meaning, himself. You see, not all is laughing with his jokes now. That is Pido “The Quotable Coach” Jarencio. Everyone’s favorite. Read the Manila Bulletin and you’ll know why. I made it easier for you by copy-pasting the column I’m talking about. It’s written by veteran Bulletin sports editor Ding Marcelo titled “A Sob Story” and it came out last Oct. 2. And here it is:

A Sob Story
University of Santo Tomas coach Pido Jarencio cried like a baby on national television minutes after his Growling Tigers ousted the National University Bulldogs last week from the UAAP semifinals.
Can’t really blame the fellow, especially after what he and his team have gone through. On the brink of elimination twice, Pido and the Growling Tigers produced a performance direct out of Hollywood, beating the odds, and earning plaudits from friends and foes alike.
Here’s a team repeatedly trampled and left for dead, rising dramatically from adversity to triumph.
His crying on TV actually looked like he was receiving an award and could not find the words to thank the many people who had brought him there.
But he did find someone to thank: himself.
In between sobs and wiping his tears away, Pido told sportswriters and television viewers:“Hindi ko akalain na aabot kami sa Finals. At alam mo na, lahat ng tao, nagdududa sa kakayahan ko.”
I’m really happy for Pido. He’s a character, a great psy-war expert, and he knows how to bring the best out of his team.
But I still have to ask: Why put the spotlight on his coaching skill at this stage? Why not first thank his players, without whom he would be crying on television for the wrong reasons. He never mentioned them. Or maybe he forgot because he was an emotional wreck while being interviewed.
If I were Pido, the first words to come out of my parched mouth would have been: “It was a team effort, my boys really delivered, they left nothing on the court, they played with everything they had. I would also like to thank the UST community for their unwavering support. You were really great, guys.”
But, no. Pido had to take a swipe at these invisible and unknown people who doubted his coaching ability.
It’s a team effort, Pido. You’re a great coach. But, please, don’t forget the players who gave you reason to cry on TV.
And, in case you forget, these are Kevin Ferrer, Karim Abdul, Jeric Teng, Aljon Mariano, Jamil Sherrif, and the second unit.
Maybe Pido should also thank NU’s Bobby Ray Parks for succumbing under pressure, and NU coach Eric Altamirano for not finding the right combination and play.
And then and only then should he say: “Many thought we couldn’t do it. They thought I was not the right guy for this job. But with the right will and hard work, we have prevailed.”

Sportsmaryosep’s prognosis: My thoughts exactly. Don’t mistake me, I laugh at Pido’s jokes. Most of the time. Perhaps he should try to join us sportswriters at The Arena press room in San Juan City and listen to an NCAA Season 89 post-game interview where San Beda coach Boyet Fernandez is in it. If you don’t know Fernandez, he has this habit of “crediting” practically everyone in his team–his players, the fans, the school, the officials and even the ball, water and towel boys. So abused was the word “credit” that the Lions have probably owed a banks billions now. But hey, at least he gives, oh yes here it is–CREDIT– where, here it is again–CREDIT–is due.
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2 thoughts on “Pido I-rencio

  1. Palagi naman po niya kine-credit ang team, thomasian community and fans. Di naman din natin siya masisisi kasi nga, bago pa matapos ang season tinatanggal na ang ust sa final4. May sa coaching skills ni coach pido. Coach Pido is one of rare coaches na nagagawang pigain ang talents ng mga players. Thankful ang mga players niya, Thankful din si coach na nag-respond ang team sa kanya. Wag na sana natin gawing big deal eto. Mejo sawa na din kami marinig ang pasasalamat niya sa Thomasian community. Hihi


  2. Oh come on. Give the guy a break. Do you really think that he doesn’t appreciate the efforts of the players and the support of the Thomasian community. Were you listening during his previous interviews? Eh yon ang parating buka ng bibig niya after winning the previous knockout games. He can barely compose himself during that time. Buti nga nagpa-interview pa, tapos mamasamain niyo pa iyong sasabihin ng tao? Naglabas lang ng hinaing iyong tao tapos magagalit kayo pag totoo ang sinabi. Wala nga akong nabasang article na pinili ang UST na mananalo. So mali ba iyog sinabi niya na maraming nagdu-duda sa kakayahan niya?


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