Green, Green Grass of Hope

Manila Southwoods Golf
October 4, 2013
Green, Green Grass of Hope

So La Salle is down, 0-1, in its best-of-three UAAP Season 76 championship showdown with University of Santo Tomas. Don’t fret. It isn’t over yet. Neither its the end of the world. There is still Game Two to bounce back from. The Archers lost Game One by the smallest of margins, 72-73, last Wednesday at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum.
On how, Sportsmaryosep managed to splice it somehow.

Why it would win Game Two.

The Archers missed a total of 45 of their 72 shots including 24 of the 37 they attempted in the first half. And they lost by just a point? That’s something to look out for if you ask me. Imagine if they made at least one out of those misses and La Salle would have been celebrating instead and not reduced to being green with envy. LA Revilla MUST wake up. Jeron Teng and Almond Vosotros couldn’t do it by themselves. Norbert Torres and Arnold Van Opstal must continue to pound it in because, as evidenced by how they bullied UST’s smaller front court in the opener, La Salle obviously has the big edge inside. It’s also a good sign that the Tigers had no answer to Jason Perkins, who scored and rebounded in all angles possible.
Why it would not win Game Two.

Nerves, for one. Lack of take charge guy as another. Jeron obviously struggled. If there is a time he could be like his idol Kevin Durant, NOW is the time to do it. Never mind that UST’s Kevin Ferrer, the best wing stopper in the UAAP right now, has become his shadow. If you’re a star, you should find an answer. Like Michael Jordan and his Detroit Pistons (No pun intended, Bobby Ray). Be like your kuya Jeric, he treated every game as his last because we all know it is his last year. So Jeron, time to be The Durantula. Search and destroy.
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