When KC Meets Chandler

MOA Arena
October 9, 2013
When KC Meets Chandler

“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love,” Mother Teresa.
I’m a fool for love stories. Especially the fairy tale kind. Most you probably are. Even sportswriters. Like Cinderella, Snow White and Seven Dwarfs and Vic Sotto-Dina Bonnevie. The last is probably a stretch. But you get my drift.
On Day Two in the media availability part of the NBA Global Games at the MOA Arena on another busy afternoon, the first one we available for interview was Chandler Parsons. Parsons who?

Let me make my costumary introduction. Parsons is a 24 years old, 6-9 small forward playing for the NBA’s Houston Rockets. He will start for the second straight seasons along with Dwight Howard, frequent Manila visitor James Harden and Jeremy Lin, the face of Asian basketball now with his “Linsanity” fame. Let me describe him for you. He’s blond-haired white male with a boy-next-door look. A cool guy, fluent and handsome to bones. Add those to his killer game and we have a genuine stud.
These are the reasons he’s a big hit to girls, especially our Filipino women.
Just what I’ve written for The Philippine STAR, he doesn’t hide his admiration for our women too. So the feeling is mutual.
So how does love come in to this story?
It came when our basketball chit-chat is coming to end, I hesitantly asked Parsons what he thought of our women, and hope I could spring a trap of him talking of this one of our girls I want him to date and eventually fall in love into. We all know the answer to that question now. And then I followed up my question if there’s a specific Filipina he knows. He paused. Thankfully, TJ Manotoc of ABS CBN butted in bravely asked the question I’ve long to ask but couldn’t. “Let me be straight to the point because he (Sportsmaryosep) is shy of asking this question. Do you know KC Concepcion?”

Before I let you in for the answer, let me say to you that KC Concepcion is pretty, sexy and smart. She’s also the daughter of Sharon “The Mega-Star” Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion, who are long separated now. And oh, he’s Piolo Pascual’s ex.
Back to the answer. Parsons reply shocked and excited everyone. “We’ve dated, had dinner last night (Tuesday),” says Parsons referring to KC. “A mutual friend introduced us and we talked on Twitter months back. She’s a great girl, had a great time last night,” he adds. It was Kris Aquino, of course, in an episode of her morning show “Kris TV” who revealed Concepcion was exchanging messages on Twitter.Parsons’ account is @ChandlerParsons while Concepcion’s @kc_concepcion.
A brewing romance?
Sportsmaryosep’s prognosis: Myself, and the rest of this basketball crazy country hope so. They’re a good match if you ask me. I hope they fall in love. Have a family. And kids we hope will grow as tall as Chandler, if not taller. It’s thinking too much but imagine 20 years from now, we’ll have second generation Parsons playing for our Gilas Pilipinas along with the Aguilars, the Castros, the Pingrises, the de Ocampos, the Alapags, the Davids, the Tenorios, the Chans and the Fonaciers. We’ll probably struck gold in FIBA-Asia by that time. If it happens, you’re already a hero KC Concepcion.
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(Photos courtesy of Jun Mendoza of The Philippine STAR, Chandler Parsons and KC Concepcion)


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