Bird Watching

Robinsons Place, Ermita
October 11, 2013
Bird Watching

I’m thankful for the NBA experience the night before and the days past. It’s one of the best moments of my life. I saw the Indiana Pacers and the Houston Rockets. I saw Boomer and Clutch, the Pacers and the Rockets’ mascots, jumping up and down the court and making crazy, fun dunks while bombarding the fans with shirts and freebies. Got a glimpse of the Indiana Pacemates (Wink to Francis Ochoa and Waylon Galvez). Witnessed how NBA commissioner David Stern make people around him comfortable. Noticed the striking similarities between Indiana coach Frank Vogel and back-to-back NBA champion Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra. Cringed at the site of Houston coach and Boston Celtics great Kevin McHale dragging his right leg. Felt how Paul George wants to win a championship. Awe-struck by the man behind Linsanity himself, Jeremy Lin. Felt like a dwarf standing beside Roy Hibbert. Nearly fainted at the site of Dwight Howard talking championships. Impressed with Luis Scola’s high basketball IQ. Mesmerized by Danny Granger’s wit and class. Giggled after chatting with ’90s idol Marcus Camby. And was with TJ Manotoc when we made Chandler Parsons admit he and pretty showbiz star KC Concepcion dated.
And the best moment of them all: Staring greatness eye to eye, Larry Bird. One of the greatest NBA players that ever walked this Earth.
You and I know Larry Bird right?
These two know-it-all claimed they do. One I’ve never even heard before, the other a radio jock masquerading as a “basketball expert.” They were on Twitter dissing this poor lady reporter who asked Bird something about pressure. Bird, as we all probably know by now, answered “Pressure? I don’t even know what that word is. You obviously didn’t see me play.”
Let’s name these two dissers Arny (The never heard off) and Tidy (The basketball poseur).
Arny: Seriously, why would you ask Larry Bird if he feels pressure while playing basketball?
Tidy: I do believe whoever asked that question needs to give up their pass to either of us. Just seems fair!
Arny: willing to take turns bro. first half sa akin, 2nd half sa ‘yo. Whichever half Asik plays more minutes in.
I’m sure Arny and Tidy are feeling good about themselves now, thinking they’re smart about their basketball. Round of applause to you.
How do we name the lady reporter who popped the question? Let’s call her Utah.
Now to diagnose who is the better person, let’s do a head (Utah)-to-head (Half head for Arny and the other half for Tidy).
Arny–Google points at someone who is from Ateneo, works for GMA News and SLAM Phl. And that’s about it. He’s probably good at recess and dismissals during his time. But we’ll never know. For sure, he’s bum in basketball otherwise he’ll be playing in the pros right now or in the NBA.
Tidy–Wikipedia tells us he’s from La Salle where he is an AB Communications graduate and a radio jock who got a break to call UAAP basketball games about four or five years ago. He is also doing some football gigs on TV. And that’s about it.
Utah–She’s an Ateneo commnunications graduate. Former sports editor of The Guidon. And hear this Arny and Tidy, a RAUL LOCSIN AWARDEE FOR JOURNALISM. She is from The Phl Daily Inquirer. Strings sports stories for FHM. Organized the (UAAP-NCAA) Collegiate Awards for years now. Wrote billions of stories by now, perhaps a million times more than what Arny and Tidy talked about.
Sportsmaryosep’s prognosis: You be the judge people. But it would be nice to have these three–Arny, Tidy and Utah–sit together in one table. Perhaps talk about basketball, non-basketball issues and even music and see who’s the smartest. I’ll bet my house on Utah, who knows more about Omer Asik and even music than what Arny and Tidy could imagine. Veteran journalists Mico Halili, Chiqui Roa, TJ Manotoc, and many others told Utah it was a great question  and a great moment. There was even this one American journalist who told her they never saw Larry Bird like this since he played in the fabled 80’s Boston dynasty. It’s short of saying Utah’s question loosened Bird up. And oh, the reason Utah is INSIDE the MOA Arena COVERING the NBA game is because she was ASSIGNED to cover it. She wouldn’t be assigned there if she isn’t worth it right? But where are Arny and Tidy? Watching it on BTV or Studio 23? Why? You’re bosses didn’t trust you enough to cover NBA games and maybe fear you’ll end up asking PRESSURE-less, kiss-ass questions. Francis Ochoa, the assistant sports editor of the Inquirer, best said it. “So meron na rin palang mga God’s gift to sports journalism. #NotRappler Calling out someone in public “insinuates” you can do a better job…So let’s see. I’ll keep track from now on. You better be motherfuckin’ good. No. You better be fuckin’ perfect.” That’s an angry bird over there.

P.S. By the way, Twitter’s logo is named Larry in honor of guess who? Larry Bird!

Sportsmaryosep update: Utah tells us Arny and Tidy have both apologized. I guess all’s well that end’s well.
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