Of Cebu, Football and Violence

Rizal Memorial Coliseum
March 20, 2014
Of Cebu, Football and Violence

They say a picture paints a thousand words.
I agree.
Beacause it lured me out of blogging hibernation.


I was in the media center of the Rizal Memorial Coliseum filing my customary stories a few days back when I chanced upon a photo in Facebook with this grown up MAN (In gray) holding something like a black, solid object that had something dangerously pointed or bladed beating up a teenage KID No. 1 (In black) who is fighting another KID (In white) who we will call KID No. 2, in a football game for KIDS that had gone wrong. In the next photos, there was this other GUY, younger than the MAN and a little older than the KIDS, who came rushing to the scene. The MAN appeared to have attempted to throw a punch on this GUY (In black sando) too even though the photo showed he was only trying to break up the fight. The last photo capped it all off as it showed a KID crying as blood flowed from his forehead, allegedly from the blow or blows he received from the MAN with the bladed weapon.

The MAN in gray turned out to be Enrico Mongaya.
The KID in black is the goalie of Alcoy FC.
The KID in white is a player from Sacred Heart School-Ateneo.
We will not name KIDS because they’re KIDS.
The GUY in black sando is unidentified.
The tournament is the 16th Aboitiz Football Cup.
The place is Cebu.

Let’s get the side of Mongaya. Reports have it he’s 41 years old and a father of two. He’s a customs police. He was there as a spectator who has a son who also plays for Sacred Heart. He has not given statements. His lawyer, Ram Villagonzalo, did and it came out in a story from Sun Star Cebu, which was responsible for running the photos we’re talking about that had gone viral in social media already. The statement in that story reads: “neither did he desire nor feel happy” about what happened and that he is “exerting all efforts for reconciliation.” He said Kid No. 2 is his godson. Seeing he was being choked by Kid No. 1, who is bigger just like most golies are, he ran to save KID No. 2 “preventing further harm or eventual death of” Kid No. 2. Mongaya said he just want to save his godson from further harm and it was his instint that took over in the heart of the scuffle. Mongaya said wants reconciliation with the parties involved. He said as a parent, he wouldn’t want to see a kid getting beat up too.

What happened after the incident?
As of this writing, Yan Baring, a long-time friend of mine who writes for Sun Star Cebu, said the Cebu Football Association has slapped sanctions on players involved in the football brawl as well as both teams involved. As for Mongaya, she tells Sportsmaryosep that Alcoy FC is contemplating filing charges against Mongaya, if it hasn’t already.

Sportsmaryosep’s take: They’re KIDS. Yes, KID No. 1 is bigger than KID No. 2. But you’re a MAN. If your breaking up a fight, don’t punch nor attempt to throw one unless your LIFE is in danger. Worse, don’t bring anything solid, even bladed that you can use as a weapon. If you want to save KID No. 2 from being beaten up by KID No. 1, just pull the two fighting KIDS away from each other. NOT attack them. Aren’t you big enough to handle these two KIDS? And you’re a customs police. I know, as a parent, that you want to save KID No. 2. That’s admirable. But you being in authority, of all people, should know MAXIMUM TOLERANCE and restraint being OLDER and BIGGER than these KIDS. It sickens me to learn that some is even defending the guy’s action. Why condone the act? A wrong can never be undone by another wrong. But hey, life’s a bitch I guess. And this is a democratic country. You can take sides and say what you want.
P.S. Before one seek for reconciliation, one must learn to say this five letter word: S-O-R-R-Y. Then comes forgiveness. Then reconciliation.
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(Photos courtesy of Sun Star Cebu)


5 thoughts on “Of Cebu, Football and Violence

  1. A closer look at the original picture (straight on, adult preparing to hit goalie with a hard blunt object, man in black shirt running to separate the kids) shows the “headlock” to be of the non lethal variety, and that the smaller boy, despite being on the ground, is striking the goalie on the left cheek with his right fist.


      • Sorry, have you read the essay that supports this attack, written by the adult attackers brother ?


        In the top picture three things are evident:

        1. The goalie didn’t have a “death headlock” on the smaller kid.

        2. The smaller kid wasn’t completely innocent in the encounter and was, in fact, fighting the goalie even though being “pinned to the ground”.

        3. The adult is striking the goalie with a blunt object, from behind.

        4. The man in black, not engaged at this point, is running towards the group.

        My “straight through the bush” opinion is the adult, Enrico Mongaya, should be charged with, at minimum, assault on a minor.

        But things being how they are, it probably won’t happen.


      • Clear as a crystal. You’re probably right. But you know, everything has karma, good and bad. If you do good, it will come back to you a thousand times. Bad, the same. Karma, as the cliche goes, is a bitch. Thanks for commenting. Loving intelligent comments such as yours.


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