Not Three

Rizal Memorial Coliseum
June 20, 2014
Not Three

Karma is quick.
Anyone who knows the NBA should remember LeBron James’ infamous “not one, not two, not three…” speech about the number of championships he is planning to win when he joined forces with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami four years ago.
That was “The Decision” that brought King James and Bosh to the Heat with Wade, all part of tyhe 2003 draft class.
Who could forget that fateful day? The hatred started there. Count the bandwagon too. Those classless bastards who left Miami early when their beloved Heat was facing the hangman in the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals. And oh, they love to curse too. Classless to the end. Just like their King without a throne.

For those who forget, here’s the Youtube link:

As we all know by now, your King James have been utterly destroyed. Blown into tiny smithereens by the Spurs. A super team defeated the Super Team, which was borne out of the decision by three friends lazy enough to win the title by themselves.
And the ironyn of all ironies, LeBron fell to cramps in Game One. The supposed best player in the planet fell to cramps while the older guys like Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili have not? And you want to be like Michael Jordan? Who played with flu and foid poisoning in the finals. Or a Kobe Bryant? Who played with torn achilles tendon. And cramps? You must be freaking kidding us, LeBron.
And here is a tribute to LeBron that I ran into Facebook and will share it to you:
Please take a moment to admire the great LeBron for the special talent he is. It never gets old looking at the King’s history. So many accomplishments Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan will never achieve:

1. Bronze 2004 Athens Olympics
2. Bronze 2006 FIBA World Championships
3. NBA finals sweep 2007
4. Go entire Finals scoring 20 pts only one time
5. Quit on his team the year after he promises a championship
6. Dunked on by a highschool kid and then confiscate tape
7. Bail on the dunk contest 9 times
8. Only able to win a ring with 2 superstars
9. 7th best player in NBA finals series.
10. Average 1.8 pts in the 4th quarter of NBA finals.
11. Lose not 1, not 2, but 3 times in the Finals.
12. Host a national televised TV show to leave his team
13. Play on the same team as his moms boyfriend
14. Go 2 for 18 in an NBA playoff game.
15. Get stuffed by a player under 6 feet (Nate Robinson)
16. Flop every single game in the playoffs
17. Choke 4 out of 5 finals games by dropping FG% by 18
18. Vow revenge for 2007 sweep, then proceed to choke again

Now we will return the favor to LeBron. Where’s your “Not one, not two, not three now?”
Definitely NOT THREE!

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3 thoughts on “Not Three

  1. He will never achieve the status of Michael Jordan, let alone Jordan’s overall basketball skills and IQ.. Jordan is very tough mentally, while Lebron is weak! A prima donna superstar is a no-no, that’s why he’s the most hated “supposed-to-be” best player in the world.


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