The Messiah

San Mateo, Rizal
June 22, 2014
The Messiah

Why is Lionel Messi of Argentina considered the best football player in the planet today?

On this early Sunday before a muted television (Shhh! My baby Iago is sleeping), Sportsmaryosep was shown why. Scoress after regulation and needing a goal in desperation, Messi unleashed a one in stoppage time to carry Argentina to a pulsating 1-0 victory over a heartbroken Iran and into the round-of-16 of this what is fast turning into an exciting World Cup in Brazil.
It was a goal for the ages for Messi, who picked up the ball from about 20 yards and sent it straight to the left hand corner of the net. It was a moment of individual brilliance for Messi. Magic, if you ask me. And it it triggered frantic celebration. No “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” song for now.

Only ecstasy.

And Pandemonium.



It also silenced fans of Iran and bitter rival Brazil, who cheered against Argentina like crazy.

Like Brazil’s Neymar, it was Messi’s second goal of this Cup and third for the Barcelona striker in this greatest showcase on Earth (with due respect to the Olympics). His first goal came against Bosnia-Herzegovina in a 2-1 win a few days ago.
My wife is a Messi fan.
After seeing him net that rocket, count Sportsmaryosep in the fan club.
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(Photos courtesy of FIFA)


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