Parks’ Spark

Shakey’s Malate
June 24, 2014
Parks’ Spark

All of us in this basketball-worshipping nation are dreaming of playing in the NBA. Even a pedestrian, Inter-Barangay-level player like Sportsmaryosep is dreaming the NBA dream. But only one has succeeded thus far. His name is Raymond Townsend. An American who has Filipino blood in him. Hopefully another one can make it that far.
And Bobby Ray Parks, Jr. is probably the closest Filipino in the viscinity of the NBA. Recently, the son of the late former many-time PBA Best Import Bobby, Sr. has been invited to work out with the Lakers. Parks himself made it known in his Twitter account @ray15parks: “Got called back to work out with the Lakers tomorrow (today) 🙂 Thank you Lord! #parasabayan.”
It came four days after Parks worked out with the Lakers, which he also announced in his Instagram account: “Just finished working out with one of the best team in NBA,i know this is your favorite team and you would have loved to had been there,but this is just the beginning..Thank you Lord for this blessed opportunity #DreamChaser #blessed #LakerNation #NBAGear.” He would have been closer to his chase if hadn’t spurned his chance of suiting up for US NCAA Division I school Georgia Tech instead of playing for the National U Bulldogs in the UAAP where he won back-to-back MVPs.
But like all of us Filipinos, we wish Parks the best of luck. The way we did when we prayed for Japeth Aguilar when he too chased a dream. Japeth though failed but we’re remained proud of his attempt. At least he tried. Now, Japeth is in the PBA with one of our favorite teams, the Brgy. Ginebra Kings. He will also be part of Gilas Pilipinas in chasing history in the FIBA World Cup this August in Spain. Good luck Japeth and Gilas.
For now, let’s just be one with Bobby Ray.
He left home with a dream and should come back a hero. NBA stint or not.
Follow Sportsmaryosep on Twitter: @JoeySVillar

(Photo courtesy of Bobby Ray Parks, Jr.)


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