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Mall of Asia Arena
June 28, 2014
Kaleidoscope World

One of the best things covering the National Collegiate Athletic Association is getting to watch the opening ceremony. In almost two decades we’ve been chronicling the league writing for Manila Times (1996-1999) and then The Philippine STAR (1999 to present), I’ve made sure to always watch the season-ushering production number. I mean it’s always a delight watching it every single year. And today, we’ve witnessed one of the best, if not the best, shows I’ve seen. I mean, it’s not a joke. It’s really a spectacle. I’m not the only one impressed. Ask people, and you will know. One of them, Spain-bound Gilas Pilipinas coach Chot Reyes, was the most vocal. Here is what he said in his Twitter account @coachot: “That’s got to be 1 of d best Opening Ceremonies ever! #NCAASeason90 – congrats Dr. Fabella & Paul Supan of host school JRU!”
It’s not a coincidence that the day was made more meaningful and beautiful with a double treat of nice basketball. Nigerian behemoth Ola Adeogun was a juggernaut as he bulldozed his way to 20 points and 14 rebounds to throw his hat in the Most Valuable Player race that Sportsmaryosep believes he will win handily. Ola, of course, carried San Beda to a 57-49 win over a much-improved Jose Rizal.
The San Sebastian-Letran showdown the next game was better. It rained clutch shots after clutch shots until Jamil Ortuoste decided to do an ankle twister on Reneford Ruaya for that awesome step-back triple and rookie Rhanzelle Yong intercepted a pass by Mark Cruz to seal the deal. The Stags won, 85-83, but them and the Knights should be legitimate title contenders I tell you.
But nothing was more spectacular than that opening. Words are not enough to describe it. I’ll just let the pictures speak for itself. As they say, pictures paint a thousand a words. So salute goes to Jose Rizal and its president Dr. Vincent Fabella and Management Committee chair Paul Supan and the whole NCAA community for a job well done.
Here’s the link of the video from ABC5, TV 5, Aksyon TV and interaksyon. You be the judge.
Part One http://n5e.interaksyon.com/videos/586B8761DCF847D/5/ncaa-s-opening-school-performances-part-1-3
Part Two http://n5e.interaksyon.com/videos/350824E64B2D4C4/5/ncaa-s-opening-school-performances-part-2-3
Part Three http://n5e.interaksyon.com/videos/71A73943AF0A4F5/5/ncaa-s-opening-school-performances-part-3-3
Can I say Wow again?
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(Photo courtesy of Jan Dizon of ncaa.org.ph)


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