War of the Worlds

Vito Cruz, Manila
August 12, 2014
War of the Worlds

I love movies. My wife and I love movies. I will teach my son, Iago, to love movies. I’m sure you love movies too. Movies make us cry, laugh, fall in love, get angry and feel different emotions. So it saddens me to learn that one of my favorite actors, Robin Williams, passed away recently. If I will be asked to write my top 10 movies of all time, half of it are movies where Robin Williams either starred or co-starred. Name it, Good Will Hunting, Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poet Society, Good Morning, Vietnam and Awakenings. So rest in peace, Robin Williams.
But this is not about Robin Williams or any of his movies.
It’s about the network and collegiate wars brewing in our midst. ABS-CBN vs TV5. UAAP vs NCAA. It’s truly War of the Worlds. It started since the NCAA bolted out of ABS-CBN three years ago to join TV5. Reports have it that the NCAA didn’t like the way it was being treated as second fiddle to UAAP. They’ve been going at it since then. And this recent press release circulated to the media should very well renew the rivalries. So read on:




NCAA 90th Season on TV5 posts high viewership ratings
The TV5 and AksyonTV telecast of the NCAA games has reached its highest viewership ratings for the league. According to data from Nielsen Media Research, NCAA has led both NUTAM and MEGATAM viewership numbers, scoring higher ratings compared to UAAP.

Moreover, combined viewership of TV5 and AksyonTV is higher by 54% in NUTAM and 46% in MEGATAM in terms of audience share for the month of July. The spectacular NCAA 90th Season Opening Ceremonies on TV5 and AksyonTV last June 28 garnered almost 620,000 viewers in NUTAM. This was four times higher than the Opening Ceremony of UAAP.

The oldest collegiate league has also been attracting a wide range of audience with the dual airing of the games on both TV5 and AksyonTV, tapping both young and old viewers.

“The initial ratings for this year’s NCAA college basketball tournament prove that viewers are savoring the kind of throwback, ‘in-your-face’ basketball that only the NCAA can bring — raw hoops action that takes you back to your college days. We are happy for this and we hope you continue to enjoy true and gritty hardcourt action on TV5 and AksyonTV,” Sports5 Head Chot Reyes said.

Sports5, TV5’s sports production arm, has been bringing the NCAA games to more Filipino homes since 2012.#



Sportsmaryosep’s prognosis: To be fair, this is just one side of the coin and we haven’t heard from the UAAP and ABS-CBN yet. We will see in the coming days, perhaps weeks or months, how ABS-CBN will respond.


In terms of their respective opening ceremonies though, I would have to say the NCAA beat the UAAP on that one. As for attendance, we have yet to come up with statistics on these. It looked like UAAP has the edge on this regard.



As for the quality of the games, it’s really debatable. At the end of the day, numbers don’t lie. So you be the judge.

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(Photos courtesy of ph.sports.yahoo.com, shortnewsposter.com and season90.ncaa.org.ph)


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