Army of Lightness

The Arena, San Juan
September 1, 2014
Army of Lightness

We Filipinos complain a lot. High prices. Traffic. Corruption. Joblessness. Pollution. Bad governance. Napoles. High Crime rate. Overpopulation. We even complain about the most mundane things like bad wi-fi signal selfie addiction. So drowned by these problems, perceived or not, that we couldn’t see the good ones.

Like our Gilas Pilipinas team in Seville, Spain. Farther East from there, there’s this great escape by these brave, valiant 40 Filipino United Nations Peacekeepers under fire by Syrian rebels in Golan Heights. These are true soldiers, my friends. Heroes if you ask me. Which reminds me of the Phl Army.

Army of course is not about fighting. They’re good in sports too. Volleyball in particular. And recently, the Lady Troopers won the Shakey’s V-League Season 11 Open Conference by sweeping the Cagayan Valley Rising Suns in two games. It was total domination by Army. Interestingly, this is their second title of the year after topping the Phl Super Liga a couple of months ago. They’re also participating in the AFP Olympics where they are seeking to extend their decades-long dynastic reign to another year.

What’s with these band of sisters that they’re clicking?
We’re counting the ways. At least some of it.

Tina Salak: She’s the face and leader of this Army band. A multi-faceted player who can play almost every positions although she blossomed most as a setter. She’s also one of the most intelligent players in the country today. She is retiring soon and will be hard to replace.

Rico de Guzman: Superb coach. Doesn’t complicate things that much to his players. Superb motivation skills. Not as experienced as the others but got the job done. Blessed with great players who are all humble and far from being primadonnas like others I know but will not mention.
Rachel Ann Daquis: Reigning Conference MVP. One of few players who combine beauty with brawns. I mean, someone with supermodel looks who can play is a rarity. Despite it, she’s humble and never cared if she’s got the spotlight or not. She told Sportsmaryosep that all she cares about is winning the championships, not MVP trophies.


Jovelyn Gonzaga: Finals MVP. Nice work ethic. Like Daquis, she’s humility personified. Never met as down-to-earth as her. If there’s anyone who could fill the void that Salak will be leaving, she’s the woman for the job. Salak even paid her a compliment by saying she sees herself in Gonzaga, who is being trained by the former since June.
So congratulations Army. Kudos also to all our soldiers. Same with those 40 brave souls in Golan Heights. Gilas Pilipinas too.
We salute you sirs, mams.

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(Photos courtesy of Shakey’s V-League


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