Cotton Man

Southwoods, Cavite
September 7, 2014
Cotton Man

Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows in a boll, or protective capsule, around the seeds of cotton plants of the genus Gossypium in the family of Malvaceae. Science aside, cotton is generally soft. And we love soft. That’s why I love wearing cotton shirts. You probably do.
And speaking of cottons, I’m reminded of this basketball player. Average height, plays inside a lot, has a knack for the ball, a little bit brute but has this soft, feathery shooting touch. And fittingly, he has hands and movements as soft as a cotton. And we’re referring to Jose Rizal’s Michael Mabulac. Cotton-sounding name. And we’re naming him the NCAA’s Cotton Man. Mabulac, by the way, is the NCAA Press Corps’ ACCEL Quantum-3XVI Player of the Week.



And here’s how they wrote it:

It took the whole first round for Jose Rizal’s Michael Mabluac to recover his groove. And when he did, there’s no stopping him for putting in those big numbers.
The 6-4 Mabulac came through with a pair of strong efforts to lead the Bombers to a pair of victories last week and into joint second place with the Arellano U Chiefs in the 90th NCAA basketball tournament.
Mabulac also gained the nod by the NCAA Press Corps who gave him the nod as its ACCEL Quantum-3XVI Player of the Week honors.
In a 67-43 rout of Lyceum last week, Mabulac dropped a double-double effort with 13 points and 10 rebounds and had 21 points and eight boards in a thrilling 80-76 overtime win over Perpetual Help Friday.
Jose Rizal coach Vergel Meneses said has long waited for Mabulac to come out of his shell after a difficult start.
“Before the season, I was expecting him to take charge because he’s one of the best players of this team, if not the best,” said Meneses. “It took him a while though to make a realization and I’m glad he did.”
Mabulac edged St. Benilde’s Juan Paolo Taha and Mark Romero for the weekly plum backed by Bactigel hand sanitizer, Doctor J Mighty Alcohol and Mighty Mom Dishwashing.

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