UP Ikot

Smart-Araneta Coliseum
September 14, 2014
UP Ikot

Today, September 14, at this very place, the Smart-Araneta Coliseum, right before a rocking and rolling audience, a sea of over 20,000 fans, National University won itself a second UAAP cheer dance title with a performance to remember. Save for some deductions, it was a dominating performance from every aspect by NU.

photo (1)

So give them credit, they won through sheer hard work. They deserved it. Won it fair and square.

University of the Philippines finished second.
But for many, it shone like gold. While technically they were no match for NU’s perfectly mechanical performance, UP captured the imagination of many with a soul-touching, thought-provoking effort. They thought us about unity. And equality. Actually, we know of those things. That all men are created equal. Sometimes though we forget.

Until UP reminded us of it.
So seeing that male flyer being carried by a female is an unforgettable visage that will forever be etched in the annals of UAAP cheer dance history. So years from now, when you see Ateneo, or Adamson, or any UAAP school, heck even schools in the NCAA and outside it, do the same, we will all look at UP and thank them for blazing the trail. That is equality, folks.
And you probably saw this massive, colorful flag that was passed on all around the Big Dome. It was like watching an Azkals friendly years back at the Rizal Memorial pitch when this huge Philippine flag, our colors, was passed on to everyone and circled all over the place. Only this time, it was from UP. UP’s Babaylan flag in particular. Coincidentally, it bore the colors of all schools, even NU’s dark blue. It went circling all around the venue like it was UP campus in Diliman where the old, antiquated, smoke-belching UP Ikot  jeepneys ply around the campus. And when every single school touched it, we all felt goosebumps.


Because for a fleeting moment, we all bear witness to oneness. Not just UP, or NU or the rest of the eight schools fighting it out for the top prize. It’s just one. United. Nevermind that it was torn to pieces at the end of it (not the fault of NU because it landed on their hands already in tatters).
And that, my friends, is bigger than what NU had rightfully taken.
So be proud long-suffering UP fans. Because today, you have won a bigger battle.

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(Photos courtesy of Philippine Star, spin.ph, Philstar.com, Rappler’s Mark Cristino, @MarkGiongco and @pyarbie)


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