Hammer of the Gods

MOA Arena
March 14, 2015
Hammer of the Gods

Soaring and twisting, Alyssa Valdez hammers a spike through the blockers and down to an empty space at the back of the enemy lair. It is the sound that permeates in everyone’s consciousness the moment she launched her patented powerfull kills.

In the eyes of Ateneo and its horde of screaming blue-clad fans, it is the sound of salvation. Every single one of it ringing through the coliseum.
For the enemy, it is a death knell. The tolling of the bell that heralds the end or destruction. It’s the last sound you want to hear if you’re not in blue. She is the destroyer of hope, the harbinger of doom.

la salle
Oh that smile. The happy face. Charming, engaging.

She’s like a typhoon. You know she’s there by the sound she creates. Cheers for Ateneo. Deafening silence for her rivals. Awe for everyone.
It is not yet over. Call it fate, but she and the Ateneo Lady Eagles want a third one. So opposition beware.

357 hits. 302 spikes. 21 blocks. 33 service aces. A second UAAP championship. A second MVP trophy.

Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of fans. Ateneo’s heart and soul. Brightest of the best collegiate stars. The face of Philippine volleyball. And, God bless her, the savior of the once dying sport.

(Photos courtesy of August dela Cruz, Volleyball.ph and yours truly)

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