Frankie Be Good

MOA Arena
March 28, 2015
Frankie Be Good

Barangay Ginebra lost again.
Rain or Shine did the eliminating with a 92-91 win. So the Kings are out of it while the Elasto Painters advanced to the semis. Ironically, Rain or Shine was more of the never-say-die team that Ginebra should be known for.
Nice try.
Maybe next time.
But I will not deny the fact that I was disappointed.
Japeth Aguilar. Greg Slaughter. Mac Baracael. Air Ellis. LA Tenorio. Mark Caguioa. Jay Jay Helterbrand. Joseph Yeo. Dylan Ababou. Dorian Pena. One of the strongest rosters in the PBA today.
And still it ended up in a loss. And a very painful one.
So we’ve tried many coaches. Alfrancis Chua. Jeff Cariaso. And now Ato Agustin again. Kudos to all of you. You all did your best. But we all know everybody is only good as his last game. So time to move on. Perhaps a new coach?
Enter Frankie Lim.
Fierce. Intense. Temperemental at times. But overall good guy. And a good coach too. Won championships with San Beda about a decade ago. Never mind the his past. Bad things happen to everyone. Nobody’s perfect anyway. But give the guy a chance. And we’ll never know, he might be the answer to all the Ginebra faithful’s prayers.
So it should be Frankie Lim.
He’s the closest thing to Sonny Jaworski. Old school, never-say-die basketball. Someone who could muster the same swagger of the old Ginebra that we all know. And not mute and suppress these precious, lung-busting chants that we die-hards want to scream: GINEBRA! GINEBRA! GINEBRA!

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