Davao del Norte
May 2, 2015

I’m nervous.
Excited also.
Because tomorrow (May 3, Philippine time), our very own, Manny Pacquiao, will take his shot at destiny and try to beat a cocky, undefeated Floyd Mayweather, Jr. to secure his place as the greatest boxer of this generation. I will not dwell on who Pacman is and why Money is unbeaten. Everyone knows that already. I’m writing this just to declare my full support to Pacquiao.
And say a little prayer to give us this win.
Come on, let’s make it 47-1 for Mayweather.
Before I leave your nervous selves, let my share this piece by my Philippine STAR boss, Lito Tacujan about whom he calls the “Son of Destiny.”
So here it is:

Above all a Filipino
He is a child of destiny, native of the turbulent south, son overcoming poverty , a person of faith, and man for his country.
When the opening bell of this highly hyped Super Fight shall have rung and surely detonated the roar that would be heard all over the world, Manny Pacquiao would bang his gloves , meet the flamboyant American Floyd Mayweather Jr in the middle ring and wage the fight for all of us.
No longer would he be the phemon of a prizefighter, with record eight division titles,not the man who dined with royalties and presidents, visited by hollywod stars and celebrities.
He would simply be the people’champ who has shown the world the best in us. The courage. The heart. The desire. For this alone, the nation would be a winner long before the first blow is unleashed and as in the past, we would be indebted to Manny.
He was the scrappy youth who slept atop a ring in some dirt-covered dilapidated gym in a densely populated district in Manila, to perfect the craft of the most fundamental form of combat known to man with all its inherent violence and find a way out of crushing poverty.
Despite his rags -to -riches saga, which has been worn thin on world TV and gone viral in social media he remains the ever humble Boxing icon who cares for the poor, the typhoon victims, and of late joining the plea for reprieve to a kababayan hours away from the clutch of death in a foreign land.
Now he fights the biggest, richest fight with over a $ 400 million price tag iagainst the feisty american in a showdown that was five years jin the making .
And Despite all the animosities and barbs to drum it up, at one time being billed as some sort of a morality play between good and evil –with Floyd Jr’s obssesion with image and legacy anchored on a perfect record against Manny’s mission to offer it to,the nation–, the megafight has since shed itself of the frills and toward the end of the final prefight faceoff, it has reached a logical claim that it could be a gut- wrenching title duel between the two top fighters in the world.
The fight sells itself, as Mayweather would say.
Nearing high noon here tomorrow, the fight that has comsumed even the uninitiaded to the sport will happen amid theglitz and glamour inside the MGM grand Arena in Las Vegas.
And manny pacquiao will come out of his corner where also sit the nations hopes and dreams for another shot at destiny, history, displaying indomitable spirit and unwavering will, all those inherent in us. For he is not only a great champ.He is above all a Filipino.

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(Photo by http://www.diarolibre.com)


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