Mad Max (Parental Guidance)

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May 3, 2015
Mad Max (Parental Guidance)

Warning: Some words here are not for kids.

Manny Pacquiao lost to Floyd Mayweather, Jr. via unanimous decision.
Can’t argue with that.
But this poor excuse of a television presenter is a jerk. His name is Max Kellerman, who was recently slammed for his freaking lack of respect to Pacman in a post-fight interview. Kellerman wasn’t afraid to show his bias after Pacquaio told him he thought he beat Money.
Here’s an excerpt of Kellerman’s interview with Pacquiao:

Pacquiao: “I got him many times with solid punches and I thought I won the fight.”
Kellerman: “we didn’t ringside, the judges didn’t. Right from the outset, from the first round, he seemed to be able to get you to fight at his pace. You usually throw a lot of punches, but you didn’t throw as many punches right from the beginning. Why?”
Pacquiao: “He was moving around, it’s not easy to throw a lot of punches when your opponent is moving around. If he stays, I can throw a lot of punches.”
Kellerman: “But you knew that coming in. So didn’t you have to do something to get him to stay?”
Pacquiao: “Yeah, I was hunting him and the counter…That’s the fight. That’s fighting.”
Kellerman: “He seemed to catch you with some good right hands early in the fight. Did you feel his power?”
Pacquiao: “I could handle his power. He’s not strong like Margarito.”
Kellerman: “So you’re saying you were up in the fight and that’s why you didn’t attack him and step up the pace even more in the 11th and 12th round.”
Pacquiao: “Yes…ummm…”
Kellerman: “Manny, I had him winning pretty wide. It seemed to me that his size gave you trouble. Was he able to use his size against you?”
Pacquiao (as the crowd boos): “NO! It’s not about the size, size doesn’t matter. I’ve been fighting bigger (guys) than him, so size doesn’t matter.”

Sportsmaryosep’s prognosis: HBO should fire this biased, condescending loser. Or let’s just play a yes or no game, alright? Alright. Is Kellerman the worst interviewer of all time? Is Kellerman a Mayweather bag-carrier? Is Kellerman an imbecile? Is Kellerman a douche? Is Kellerman an insensitive, bad and disrespectful interviewer? Do you want him to make love to himself? Is Kellerman a condescending prick? If your answers are all yes, you’re not an idiot like Kellerman.

Hey pretty boy, Pacquiao is not the only boxer who thought he won. Ask Evander Holyfield and Sugar Shane Mosley. They will tell you.

But to be fair, which you didn’t accord our champion, I will post here your response:
Kellerman: @MannyPacquiao fans: I love Manny. He’s pleasure to deal with & to watch fight. Manny disagreed w/judges. Had to ask him about it. #MayPac
Total prick.


Muhammad Ali, The Greatest, has this to say:

Mayweather may have won this morning but it doesn’t really matter. He could defeat ten more Manny Pacquiao’s but he will never be remembered the way Pacman will be, as a true fighter. “Money” stands for nothing. He may be undefeated, but he is not a champion. Manny Pacquiao has and always will be.

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