Davao del Norte
May 6, 2015
I love the Palarong Pambansa.
For those who don’t, it’s a yearly multi-sports meet for elementary and high school students, Olympic-style.
I’ve also seen ups and downs.
For the record, Davao del Norte is one of the best in terms of organization, cleanliness and maintaining the peace. Not to mention that the province has one of the best venues—the DavNor Sports and Tourism Complex.
So congratulations DavNor.
But something freaky happened though.
For the first time in my life covering the Palaro (This is my 14th in case you’re counting), I saw something that I had seen only in the movies. There’s an infestation of black bugs. A swarm of it had invaded this sprawling complex twice. The hosts say the bugs were drawn by the bright lights during night games. And, Tagum has many rice fields where the bugs usually feed. I mean it’s icky and it makes me cringe at the sight of it.
Just like in the movies.
Thank you for the host province for cleaning it up in time for the next day coverage.
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