Cuneta Astrodome
May 14, 2015

Let me get this out of the way by saying the title idea came straight from sportswriting genius Marc Anthony Reyes.
So there.
But isn’t the title aptly put?
I mean, why not?
It is actually like an equation. Only in words, not numbers. Petron plus Perfection equals Perfectron. Sounds logical, right? No. It’s perfectly coined. Genius, if you ask me.

And perfection was what Petron Blaze recently achieved after it brought down Shopinas in two games of their Philippine Superliga All-Filipino Conference best-of-three title series that capped an unprecedented sweep. Unprecedented because the Blaze Spikers emerged the first team to ever win a title without dropping a single game in the three-year history of the fast-rising league.
Ironically, Petron’s “lucky” number is 13.

There was nothing perfect though in Petron’s voyage as it has to endure some uncertainties and inner struggles. As Petron coach George Pascua relates, there was a brief stretch when his team didn’t look like the champion that it is and scraped out a pair of five-setters and a couple of four-setters in a four-game stretch. As they say, the biggest enemy sometimes is yourself. But like champions they are, the Blaze Spikers persevered and found a way to submit their inner demons and slay this menace called “overconfidence.”

And the rest, as they say, is history.
So congratulations Petron for bringing home its second Superliga championship.

Oh, did I mention that Petron has Aby Marano, Dindin Santiago-Manabat and Rachel Ann Daquis?


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(Photos courtesy of Prospero Roman, PSL and Volleyball PH Photo Albums)


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