Never Say Die

Ynares Center, Antipolo
May 18, 2015
Never Say Die
It is a virtue.
And Barangay Ginebra and its legions of followers will need it especially now that the Kings are off to a painfully bad start after dropping three of their first four games including one in a PBA out-of-town game in Dipolog City where they lost to Blackwater.
Yes, Blackwater.
There was also the matter of benching of Mongolian import Sanchir Tungalag and, more recently, Mark Caguioa. So it is but logical that impatient and restless fans vent their ire on Ginbera’s new coach, Frankie Lim.
But recently though, Lim, who replaced Ato Agustin just a month ago, found a surprising ally in Caguioa, the undisputed leader and heart and soul of the most popular and well-loved team in the land.
And here’s what Caguioa said in his Twitter account, @official MC47:

Tsaka wala syang bine baby. He treats everyone equal. Kaya bgay nalang natin yung tsupon dun sa mga nangsisira sa Ginebra natin. #NSD4life
Trust me when i say the best guy for this team is Coach Frankie so lets all help each other maging isang barangay. Medyo nasanay tyo…
Palit ng palit ng Coach eh. With Coach Frankie i can see a bright future for this team wala syang favoritism and thats what i like abt him..

Caguioa’s words should silence the critics.
I know, I know. We’re all tired of losing. But have you noticed the difference from pre-Lim to present-Lim Ginebra? Can’t you feel how those three defeats this conference made us all feel better than the wins of the past that felt more like setbacks? And the Kings are playing without Greg Slaughter and Japeth Aguilar.
So let us give Lim a slack.
After all, Lim made us feel what we’ve been missing for several years now. The never-say-die Ginebra is back. And that folks gives us more reason to collectively chant our old but tested battlecry: GI-NE-BRA! GI-NEB-RA! GI-NEB-RA!
So be patient.
I promise you it is a virtue.

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(Photo courtesy of JA Graphics design)


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