Enter Sandwomen

MOA by the Bay

July 20, 2015

Enter Sandwomen

This is a very short blog.

Because for the first time in more than two years I’m blogging here at Sportsmaryosep, I will only use not more than 150 words.

Actually, this is a photo blog. The difference: It’s not my photos but from Prospero Roman of the Philippine Superliga and Rafi Silerio of TV5.

And they’re about the reasons everyone of us should go rushing to the Bayside of Mall of Asia every Saturday where PSL holds its first ever beach volley event. They’re making the rainy days the hottest we’ve ever experienced. And it’s all because of these hot, climate-changing babes playing the game.

So I’ll just shut my trap and let you in to this visual pleasure.

11751159_10206162080663888_2042996280_n 11752677_10206162512594686_1125283552_o 11753379_10206162081063898_99329096_o 11756975_10206162084063973_934883298_o 11758966_10206162081103899_1456214882_n 11770253_10206162080103874_785898855_o 11777401_10206162079823867_778750528_o rafi rafi1 rafi2 rafi3 rafi4

I’m beginning to love beach volley now.

I told you this is a short blog.

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(Photos courtesy of Prospero Roman of PSL and Rafi Silerio of TV5)


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