Can the Warriors breach the NBA longest streak at 33?

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Thursday / November 26 / 2015
Can the Warriors breach the NBA longest streak at 33?
Joey Villar

Golden State Warriors skipper Stephen Curry. (AP File Photo)MANILA, Philippines – The Golden State Warriors hold the best start in NBA history after nailing their 16th straight win with an 111-77 rout of Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers recently. They eclipsed the 15-0 starts by the Washington Capitols of 1948-49 and the 1993-94 Houston Rockets.

And this early, the Warriors are being touted to challenge the longest streak of all time at 33 wins by the 1971-72 Lakers.
But really, is it possible?
The last team that came close to breaching that 43-year-old Lakers record was LeBron James’ 2012-13 Miami Heat that won 27 straight, only to fall to the Chicago Bulls, 97-101, on March, 27, 2013 (US time). The 2007-08 Houston Rockets of Tracy McGrady won 22 straight, making them the club with the third longest streak.
In the pecking order of things, Golden State is tied with seven other teams at 16th place with a 16-game streak. It included their own selves last year when they racked up 16 straight from November to December.
Back to the question: Can they?
For Golden State to surpass the record, it will need 18 more wins to achieve it.
Perusing at the schedule, the Warriors will play half of their next 18 foes in the upper half of their conferences. Meaning, if the playoffs are to be played now, they will be playing nine playoff contenders.
Worse, five of those they will play in their first seven games namely Phoenix (7-8, 7th in West), Utah (7-7, 6th), Charlotte (9-6, 6th in East), Toronto (10-6, 5th) and Indiana (9-5, 3rd). Sacramento (6-10, 12th) and Brooklyn (3-12, 14th) were the other two teams in the schedule during that span.
I mentioned their next seven games because if Golden State can win all of it, it will surpass the Rockets as the team with the league’s third longest streak.
And now we’ll start looking at the Heat, which is another five victories away from being caugtht up. Their next five foes are Boston (8-7, 9th), Milwaukee (6-9, 13th), Utah, Cleveland (11-4, 1st) and Sacramento. It will be an easier stretch considering that only the Jazz and the Cavs are in the top eight of their conferences.
So looking at their next 12 opponents, it’s really tough to say if the Warriors can continue their astronomical streak.
The key, of course, is the first 12 games because the last six will be little less difficult considering only Dallas (9-7, 5th) and Charlotte are considered contenders. The other four are Houston (5-10, 13th), Denver (6-9, 10th), Los Angeles Lakers (2-12, 15th) and Portland (6-10, 11th).
Of course, all of this will be meaningless if they lose a game anytime now. But if the Warriors can break through the first two phases, then let’s start thinking about it.
For now, we can only be observers to history being made by the Warriors.
If No. 34 happens, then let’s talk about the Greatest Team ever.
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