Foton of Gold

Cuneta Astrodome
December 5, 2015
Foton of Gold

This first paragraph is dedicated to my wife, Kristel. She is celebrating her birthday today. Iago, our two-year-old son, and I love her more than life itself. So happy birthday and wish her all the blessings and happiness in this wrold. Sadly, she’s working on her special day.
The rest of these paragraphs will show you why.
You see, the deciding Game Three of the 2015 Philippine Superliga Grand Prix Finals is set on this very same day. It’s Petron, the defending champion, vs. Foton, the worthy challenger. For the uninitiated, the Blaze Spikers forced a decider with en epic Game Two win while the Tornadoes stole the opener.
So it boiled down to this one game.
For all the marbles.
No tomorrow.
Do or freaking die.
Destiny or fatality.
Work on a birthday.
So what happened? Foton did the least expected. The Tornadoes beat the heavily favored Blaze Spikers. And they did it by a mile. If a quick, merciless 25-18, 25-18, 25-17 victory isn’t impressive to you, I don’t know what i.

In beating Petron, Foton has accomplished a lot of things. Not only did it claim its first ever title since joining the fledgling, soon-to-be-pro league, it also ended what could have a been a dynastic reign for the former champion, Petron.

And to think the Tornadoes are coming off an embarrassing fifth (of six) finish in this same import-laced conference last season, that is an impressive feat. Some of us call it a Cinderella finish. They proved that sometimes, fairy tales become reality. As is the case with this triumphant squad.

foton3But more than anything else, another historic feat happened today–Villet Ponce-de Leon just became the first ever woman coach in league history to steer a team to a championship. I mean it’s ironic that this women’s league doesn’t have a woman champion coach. And fittingly, de Leon ended and shattered the sexual barrier. So I applaud her for engineering this breakthrough. She proved that women coaches can coach to. And win championships. And I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that more women coaches would follow the path that de Leon threaded.
So I’d like to end this blog by greeting my wife, Kristel, a happy birthday again.
Time to blow the candles.
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(Photos courtesy of Volleyball Ph)


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