The Shortest Alyssa Valdez blog ever

Lipa City
May 21, 2016
The Shortest Alyssa Valdez Blog Ever

Life is short.
Like this blog.
So I’m going to make it real quick.
The 13th Shakey’s V-League will start on May 28. Actually, it’s on May 22. But no games, only introduction of teams and players. There will be eight V-League teams and six Spikers’ Turf squads. All of them exciting. So be there.
Alyssa Valdez is playing. And so is Denden Lazaro and a lot of former Ateneo almuni, including playing coach Charo Soriano. Reigning NCAA MVP Gretchel Soltones is there. Janine Marciano too. The team will be called Bali Pure.
Another player who was supposed to join Bali Pure was also mentioned by Tony Liao. But something happened along the way and she tweeted she’s not joining. The player has so many fans, so popular, so beautiful, so many….finals appearance. Championships? It will come, just wait.
I know the true story, but I will not tell.
Truth be told, I trust my sources. You can hang me to a tree but I will still believe my sources. Period.
Wait, isn’t Tony Liao the first one to say Alyssa Valdez is playing in the Shakey’s V-League even before Alyssa herself said it? And Denden Lazaro. And Soltones. And everyone in Bali Pure right now. Who said Charo Soriano is going to be playing coach of Bali Pure? Tony Liao again. And yes, when no one knows what’s the name of Valdez’s team, guess who bared it first? Clue: It’s not you nor the player. It’s Tony Liao. So how can he go wrong with this one player?
Now you get it.
As they say, life goes on.
So there.
I told you this is the shortest Alyssa Valdez blog ever.
I mean ever.

Michelle Gumabao.
Melissa Gohing.
Jaja Santiago.
They’re all playing.

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