When She Cries

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Aug. 3, 2016
When She Cries

It was one lonely, rainy Monday night.
Alyssa Valdez was crying.
You could see it in her eyes, the tears that flowed, the sadness.
She was hurt from the social media bashing she received from some sectors blaming her for allegedly turning her back on an opportunity to play for a club team representing the country in two international events–the Asian Volleyball Confederation and FIVB Club Championships in the coming months. She knows it was far from the truth. Way, way far from it.
It was actually the opposite.
She wants to play for flag and country.
Just look at her eyes. Hear her heartbeat. It beats Philippines, Philippines, Philippines.
She was there last year against the LVPI’s predecessor, the Phl Volleyball Federation, when none was brave enough to stand up and in a heartbeat willingly volunteered to represent the country in the Asian Women’s under-23 Championship and eventually the Southeast Asian Games.
Without question.
Without condition.
Nevermind that the team didn’t have pre-game and post-game food and uniform. Heck, they have to bring their own water. And she did it for the love of the game. And country.
So it breaks her heart to be told a lie and her devotion to country questioned.
The last one was the most painful.
Ask Ricky Palou, who was there when Alyssa cried.
Palou have already told everyone that Alyssa Valdez was ready to play for Foton, the club team the Phl will send in the AVC tilt.
Ask Foton team manager Alvin Lu, who asked Palou if Alyssa can play for the team. Alyssa readily said yes. Without question, condition. She just did.
But, as Camille Naredo of ABS-CBN news reported, the invitation “was withdrawn a few days later, because of a rule imposed by the Philippine Superliga (PSL) wherein a player should have competed in the PSL for at least one conference before taking part in the team that will compete in the AVC tilt.”
So there.
Yes, Alyssa Valdez cried a river.
That was Monday night.
Now, Alyssa Valdez, as good-natured as she is, is smiling as if life is beautiful again.
For her, life is always beautiful.
The storm is over.
She knows there will always be a rainbow after it.
And hope that someday, she would get that chance to wear the white, blue and red uniform with the country’s flag emblazoned on it.
It will come.

P. S.
She’s eager to play in no other league but the Shakey’s V-League sooner than expected. With more fervor and renewed joy.

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(Photo by Spin.ph)