The Legend of the ‘Kangkong’

ELJ Building, Quezon City
May 19, 2015
The Legend of the ‘Kangkong’

I don’t usually write two straight blogs about the same topic in a span of hours.
On this day, I will make an exception.
You see, sports anchor Aaron Atayde made this “kangkong” joke that has enraged the Barangay Ginebra fandom. And it happened while Atayde was interviewing Dylan Ababou in his TV5 show Sports 360. It came after Atayde waved kangkong when Ababou was about to answer an online query if the latter would still return to Ginebra if given a chance. Atayde was actually alluding to Ginebra being in the gutter, or to borrow it from Atayde, kangkungan, which means in the bottom or being dead last.
Ababou, who was traded by Ginebra to unbeaten Barako Bull, found Atayde’s joke funny.
The Ginebra multitudes aren’t laughing though.
But let’s give it to Atayde. It’s his show. And this is a democratic country. And, we have to admit it, he’s right. Ginebra is down there with recent conqueror Blackwater (Yes, Blackwater!), polishing all the other team’s shoes. And Ababou is up there with Barako Bull, the last remaining unbeaten team after prevailing in its first three games, and probably thankful he was traded to a winning club.
Truth hurts, I guess. Sarcasm too.
Here’s a piece of advice though.
Instead of making a furor out of Atayde’s joke, why not make this a personal challenge. To Frankie Lim. To Mark Caguioa. To the whole Ginebra team. And yes, to us, dear Kings fans. Channel it by keeping the faith, staying patient, strengthening our resolve and praying harder that things are going to change for the better.
And it will.
After all, life is like a wheel. Always turning, always evolving. Sometimes you fall down, sometimes you deflate, but you always manage to keep going, supporting others, and staying strong. Some journeys are longer than others. Some are bumpier than others. But the load of life is a lot easier to bear with a few friends helping out. And those friends are you and I, Ginebra diehards.
So let’s turn this around.
It can’t rain all the time.
We will just all wake up one day with Ginebra hoisting that PBA championship trophy.
And if Ginebra’s time comes, let’s give it back to Atayde and thank him. Because if he hadn’t made the kangkong joke, it wouldn’t have spurred this legend.
Again, relax and stay calm. Someday, somehow Aaron Atayde will eat his words. Or shall we say, his kangkong, adobo-style.

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(Photo courtesy of and TV5)


2 thoughts on “The Legend of the ‘Kangkong’

  1. Good Read. Kinda eases the pain..a little bit.

    I dont know where you guys are drawing your patience … I know I can never ‘unlove’ Ginebra pero konting konting konti nalang ang pasensya ko. It doesn’t help that sports analysis (at least here in PBA) has evolved into more of like an entertainment show more than an analysis per se.

    How I would love to fast forward to the days where all the haters would eat their words. But even more important than that, I’d love to skip to the days where Ginebra will finally found the solution to bring back the glory days of the NSD spirit not to silence the haters nor just to brag.. But because Mark and JJ deserves an exit as beautiful as how their career took off. Greg and Japet ‘s talent demands a championship and the thousands of Ginebra should be rewarded of our faithfulness.


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