Ayo for Gilas Coach

Greenhills, San Juan
December 8, 2016
Ayo for Gilas Coach

Who is Aldin Ayo?
You’re a recluse if you still don’t know Aldin Ayo. I mean, he just won his second championship after steering La Salle to the UAAP Promised Land. It came a year after he also engineered an NCAA crown for Letran following a series victory to remember against a heavily favored San Beda. Who the heck can do that?
Two titles with different teams and two different leagues in two seasons? The late great Baby Dalupan perhaps.
Ayo is truly one of a kind.
There are doubters. Yes, there are. But you’re a miserable frig if you can’t appreciate greatness. Doubters argue that Ayo inherit a Ben Mbala, Jeron Teng and an ultra-deep team from June Sauler. But I think its full of garbage. It is hard to win a title out of a few talents (Letran) and harder handling a strong team that is either uninspired or bloated with egos (La Salle). But Ayo successfully weeded through the intricacies of both and ended up hoisting the championship trophy on both occassions. So let’s give Ayo that.
He did wonders that a lot of people didn’t expect when he came into the collegiate scene as its fair-haired boy seeking the big one.
And I think you will all agree with me that Aldin Ayo is for real. Pardon my French, the fucking real deal.
So I got this realization.
If Ayo can turn a no-star team like the Knights and a loaded but undisciplined Archers into champions, I think he can do well handling the national basketball program, specifically Gilas Pilipinas. I mean let’s admit it. Ayo has won in the NCAA and UAAP both. And expect more to come in the UAAP thanks to that Avengers-like team he got with La Salle. There are probably PBA teams out there salivating about getting Ayo. And I think Ayo will get to the PBA soon and eventually win there also, which is a huge possibility.
But I think Ayo is better fit with Gilas.
It excites me to think that Ayo’s “Mayhem” basketball will be applied to the regrouped Gilas cadet squad. Ayo’s basketball principle is a perfect fit to a Gilas team loaded with young talent.
Consider this also: Ayo beat Ateneo’s Tab Baldwin, former coach of Gilas.
So yes, I think it will be cool to have Ayo as the next Gilas coach. If not now, at least in the near future.

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(Photo courtesy of Aldin Ayo)


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