Love Never Dies

Lucena City
February 11, 2017
Love Never Dies

“If people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them to live on is to never stop loving them. Buildings burn, people die, but true love last forever.” The Crow

I saw people cry because of that recent Jollibee commercial that has gone viral on social media.
Truly it hurts.
But this one hurts more.
You see, Arellano U coach Obet Javier’s wife, Amy Marie, passed away due to cancer while he is steering the Lady Chiefs to two straight wins over the San Sebastian Lady Stags in the NCAA finals and one win closer from booking their second championship in the last three seasons.
On the outside, Javier was his usual fiery self that you couldn’t notice that his heart is bleeding. For the whole season, Javier has worn that same mask knowing his wife his suffering. Making it worse, as Meilin Lozada of reported, is that Javier is waiting for ashes of his beloved half from Spain where she worked as a caregiver.
It will be more painful the her passing came on Heart’s month. Valentines Day may never be the same for Javier again.
Death is just painful no matter what circumstances.
For the weak-hearted, it would be hard to keep that facade. But like a professional that he is, he soldiered on.
God moves in mysterious ways though. An NCAA championship would be God’s nice way of somehow soothing some of the pain Javier is feeling. It will surely serve as a balm.
So my prayers go to coach Obet Javier.
To close, let me offer this quote to Javier that is long been embalmed deep down in my heart when my little brother passed away six years ago.
“It can’t rain all the time.” The Crow.

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