Love Birds

La Salle Taft
July 5, 2015
Love Birds

This is not a sports blog.
So if you’re expecting a trade to be reported, or a basketball or volleyball game to be chronicled, this is not it. This, however, is connected with both basketball and volleyball. With a sprinkle of heartache and a touch of love. So I’m warning you, if you can’t tolerate corniness, run as fast as you can and go read something else. Otherwise, sit, relax and enjoy.
Kiefer Ravena and Mika Reyes already broke up.
Kiefer confirmed this in a story that came out in the entertainment section, not sports, of He said there was no third party involved. He also denied he is going out with Jasmin Curtis Smith. Mika, for her part, remained silent. For whatever reason that caused the split, only Kiefer and Mika know. Maybe someday we’ll know.
It is sad.
One of the most endearing love stories on this side of sports gone to waste. As we all know, Kiefer is from Ateneo while Mika from archrival La Salle. Romeo and Juliet, right? Right. But they say good things must come to an end. So it has.
Now comes another chapter.
Which I hope to encapsulate in one question. Are Kiefer Ravena and Alyssa Valdez a couple?
A source told me Kiefer and Alyssa are just friends. And a very close one. The two happen to endorse almost the same products and play for the same school. So there is no excuse for them not to be friends. They’re both Eagles. Same feather, flock together? Indeed.
But our mind wonder sometimes. We’re humans after all. So we will throw the gauntlet and ask: What if they’re a couple? Why not? Both are trancedental players, the best in what they do. Kiefer is the unquestioned best college basketball player today while Alyssa is undoubtedly the best volleyball player in the land. Both are not only good-looking but also humble, charismatic and down to earth. And they will do humanity and the country good if they end up together in the future, marry and make children. Imagine two super athletes passing super athletes genes to their potential children? It’s like producing prototypes of a Kiafer Ravena and an Alyssa Valdez.
But hey, let’s leave them be. If they decide to stay friends, fine. If they push the envelope further and allow their feelings to flourish into what we call love, fine too. For the meantime, let’s just sit and relax and enjoy their moments.

So I’m closing this story with this nice little quote.

I told you this is not a sports blog.
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(Photo courtesy of Rocky Samson Canlas)


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